4 Tips for Single Women in Houston to Look Stunning on Dates

As the leading matchmakers in Houston, we know how important first dates are; after all, they can make or break your dating success.  If you are one of the thousands of single women in Houston who is looking for love, then you already know how stressful first dates can be.  Getting ready is nothing but anxiety-filled madness.  Your room always looks like a disaster when you’re heading out on a first date.  You try on countless outfits before you pick the perfect one—the one that makes you look and feeling confident and stunning.

The first date might feel like a job interview because it’s just as crucial as one, right?  If you play your cards right, this could end up being your last first date.  But remember not to freak out.  You must pull yourself together and get ready to rock your first date.

You don’t want to over-do your first date look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning.  You want to look beautiful but natural at the same time.  Make sure you know ahead of time where the first date will take place so you can dress appropriately.  It is very important to feel comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing without underdressing or overdressing.  Having the right look will make you look and feel stunning.  Get ready as our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service reveal the secrets to looking stunning on your first date.

1. Don’t Fake It

How many times have you heard the phrase fake it until you make?  Men are very funny when it comes to women.  They scream to the world that they love a natural looking woman, yet they melt for a stunning actress or bombshell model on a magazine.  However, what they don’t seem to understand (but you do) is that those women aren’t real, and it takes time and a lot of efforts to look that way.

They could be wearing hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and a spray-on tan.  If you feel naked without your add-ons, don’t be afraid to rock them, but don’t over-do them.  You want this date to be the first of many to come with this man in the future, because we know you’re looking for true love.

If you are on the pale side, then go ahead and get a spray-on tan if it makes you feel more confident.  Do you think you need to get your hair done before the date?  Then go ahead and treat yourself a salon session, but don’t do anything so dramatic that takes away from your natural beauty.  You want to show him who you are from day one; after all, men don’t like to be tricked.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Color

Red should be your number one go-to color on your first date.  Why?  Because it grabs a man’s attention.  Haven’t you ever noticed that women in movies and TV shows always wear red dresses on first dates?  Men are drawn to red because it increases a woman’s sex appeal and makes her look more confident.  Of course you only want to wear a shade of red that goes with your skin and hair.  Remember to be smart when choosing your colors.  If you’ve never worn red before, then you might want to think twice about wearing it the first time out with him.

You can always wear a red top with a black skirt, but pink is also a trendy color today.  If you are blonde, then red will look fantastic on you.  But red is a sexy and classy color for any woman.

3. Pick the Right Shoe

It can be tricky to know what shoe to wear on your first date.  You might be wondering if you should wear high heels or just rock the flats.  However, if you’re not used to wearing high heels, you don’t want to wear them on your first date.  Why?  Because you don’t want to look like a baby giraffe who hasn’t yet learned to walk.  Women, especially younger ones, make the mistake of thinking that the higher the heel, the better it will be.

Heels are acceptable, depending on the location of the date.  You don’t want show up to a sports bar wearing six inch heels, just as you don’t want to go to an upscale restaurant wearing flat shoes that make you look out of place.  As matchmakers, we advise you to wear a wedge or a kitten heel.  And if you choose to wear a high heels because they elongate your legs, go ahead, but we advise you to bring a pair of flats just in case.  Also, make sure you’re aware of your date’s height.  You don’t want to wear six inch heels if you’re going to tower over him and make him feel uncomfortable all night.

4. Think of Your Cleavage

If you have a nice set of breasts, your first thought is to show them off, right?  Especially if single women in Houston would die to have what you have, right?  But remember it’s only okay to a certain degree.  You don’t want to come off as a sex object, an easy woman, or someone he doesn’t take seriously.

Of course you’re proud of your beautiful breasts, but you must know how much is too much.  The idea is to come off as a stunning and classy lady, not a trashy one.  If you’re looking for a relationship-ready man, you need to show him that you’re relationship material, not a one night stand.  Take it from the leading Houston matchmakers, sometimes not showing cleavage is the best approach.  Wear a nicely fitted dress that shows your curves without exposing them.  This will make his imagination run wild!

Wearing revealing clothes or showing all your assets at once isn’t the way you look stunning on a date.  Looking and feeling stunning is about the way you behave and showcase yourself.  Men don’t like women who reveal their bodies and wear skimpy clothes.  Take it from us, we know a thing or two about relationship-minded men in Houston, and we know everything they’re looking for in a woman.

We love helping single women in Houston with all aspects of dating.  We hope these matchmaking secrets will help you win over your next first date.  The idea is to look and feel stunning, classy, and confident, because that’s what’s going to capture his attention.

If you’re a busy professional woman with little to no time to look for dates on your own, it’s time to hand your love life over to the best matchmakers in Houston!  Fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation and start dating around your busy schedule.