The Woodlands Matchmakers Reveal Red Flags Men Look For


If you think that women are the only ones looking out for red flags on first dates, then you’ve got it all wrong.  As the top matchmakers in The Woodlands, we know there are some red flags men look for on first dates, at least the guys who are looking for a serious relationship.  You already know that a red flag can break everything off, and the first place men search for red flags is on the first date.

You could dress look like a supermodel, and you might even look like one, but if you do the following things, you’re going to turn men off.  Some of the red flags our matchmakers mention below go for both sexes.  So get ready as The Woodlands matchmakers from Houston Singles Dating Service reveal the top red flags for men.

1. Being Immature

Immaturity, perhaps the biggest red flag men look for on first dates.  Maybe you’re not as much of an adult as you think you are.  If you still behave like you did in your college days, then you are immature.  The truth is, men don’t really like immature women and can spot immaturity on the very first date.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are, if you behave like a college girl, he’s not going to want to date you.  Men want their woman to have hopes and dreams, goals and aspirations, and for her to be as mature as they are.  If you can’t respond to questions regarding what you want to do in your life or where you see yourself in five years, forget it.

2. Living in the Past

If you’re still living your life like when you were in college, partying every weekend and believing that your friends are everything, then you might not be girlfriend material just yet.  This is another important red flag men look for on dates.  Also, if you’re living in the past because you’re still hung up on an ex, that’s also a huge turn off for men.

Men don’t want to compete with other men, and they especially don’t want to hear your stories about them.  If you are on the first date, you should pay attention to the man sitting across from you, not talking about guys from the past.

3. Being Selfish

If you are one of those women who only cares about herself, talks about herself, and doesn’t ask the guy any questions, you are selfish.  And how do you expect him to ask you on a second date if you behave like this?  As professional matchmakers, we know that you cannot afford to be selfish in dating.

It comes as no surprise that men want a girlfriend who is kind, caring, and compassionate.  So if all you care about is yourself, then it’s time to change your ways.  You need to take a closer look in the mirror and think about the way you’re acting.  If you are selfish, that’s a huge turn off for men, and it’s the reason you’re not getting second dates.

4. You Drink Excessively

It’s true, men don’t like women who are lushes or alcoholics, especially when they’re looking for a serious girlfriend.  They would much rather see you hold onto a glass of wine for the entire night.  If you pounded five shots of tequila by the time he finished his burger, then you might have a little drinking problem.

It’s okay to have a drink or two on a date, but it’s never okay to drink too much.  It might be because you’re nervous or want to avoid awkward silences, but that doesn’t make it any better.  The guy sitting across from you doesn’t know much about you, except that you drink more than his old college buddies.  He is going to think this is the way you behave all the time and be afraid of getting involved with you.  So do yourself a favor and take it down a notch with the alcohol on your next first date.

5. Being Too Obsessed

It is a woman’s nature to be obsessed with things.  You might be obsessed with exercising, your phone, coffee, or the latest reality TV show.  But many men who are searching for a meaningful relationship will skip over a woman who has an obsessive personality because they see it as a huge red flag.

You could scare men away with your obsessive personality without even knowing it.  Don’t brag about how many hours you spend at the gym every day, how you sit all weekend long watching your favorite TV show, or how you can’t put your phone down because you’re glued to social media.  Save that stuff for when you’re in a committed relationship, then you can show him all your quirkiness.  But as for now, you just want to show him the best version of you.

6. Being Bored

If you act bored on your first date, then that’s a huge red flag for men.  Men will think that you’re boring yourself and will not want to get to know you.  They might also think you’re conceited or that you’re missing a few screws up top.  If you don’t have interesting hobbies or interests, and just live life day by day, men are not going to ask you on a second date.

If you act bored, you might as well end your date right then and there and never look back because no man will think you’re girlfriend material.  Just like you want a man with hobbies and interests, goals and passions, men want the same in a girlfriend.

The above six are the top red flags men look for on first dates.  The Woodlands matchmakers here at Houston Singles want you to get familiar with these red flags so you can avoid them on your next first date.

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