Cypress Matchmakers Reveal 7 Signs He’s About to Cheat

Cheating partners are everywhere we turn today.  When you think about it, there are many talk shows and reality TV shows actually glorifying them.  Cheating is nothing new; in fact, it goes back hundreds of years.  Men and women have engaged in cheating since the beginning of time.  As the leading Cypress matchmakers, we know that cheating brings some type of satisfaction and thrill for some people.

If you’re partner is going to cheat, he’ll most likely display warning signs before the cheating takes place.  In order to avoid being on the receiving end of a cheating partner, you better know what those clues are so you’re not blindsided.  Either you wake up and realize it or you get woken up with a hurtful slap of betrayal from the man you love most in the world.  Study him closely, learn his everyday activities, get a feel for his behaviors, and be sure to talk to him.  Because if not, your relationship can quickly take a turn you don’t want it to take.

To help you avoid this disaster happening in your relationship, our Cypress matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service have compiled a list of clues you want to keep an eye for.

1. He Started a New Hobby

Now, we’re not saying that your boyfriend can’t start a new hobby, but it definitely raises suspicion if he’s never had a hobby in his life.  This is especially true if this new hobby excludes you or keeps him out of the house for long periods of time.  If you inquire about his new hobby and he takes a defensive stance or gets too protective, then you have every right to worry.  Your partner could be hiding an affair with this so-called new hobby.

His new hobby could really be a new love interest—or at the very least, he could be on the hunt for someone.  Regardless, he could be hiding something from you; otherwise, why is he being so secretive with this new hobby?

2. He Showers All the Time

Your boyfriend might be the cleanest man that hit the earth, or he could possibly be trying to hide something from you.  If your boyfriend is getting more showers than usual, he could be trying to hide his other woman’s scent by washing it off.  If you notice that he’s taking a lot of showers, and he’s never done it before, then you have every right to wonder why he’s suddenly showering so much.

3. He Disappears A Lot

This is another giveaway sign that your boyfriend is already cheating or wants to cheat.  If he disappears for hours on end without an explanation, then he could be on the path of unfaithfulness.  Sure, as professional matchmakers, we encourage couples to give each other freedom and space.  But if your boyfriend disappears at the weirdest hours and doesn’t give you any explanation as to where he goes, he could be with another woman or at the bars searching for one.  When your man disappears without warning and returns like nothing ever happened, you have every right to be suspicious.

4. He Comes Home Infuriated

If you live together and your boyfriend always comes home infuriated, it could be that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.  If he’s always angry when he comes in the door, then he could be feeling guilt or resentment.  Coming home angry without a valid reason is not okay.  Look deeper, because it’s a sign something is going on.

If your boyfriend starts lashing out on you for no apparent reason, don’t be fooled.  It might not be work related issues like he tells you it is all the time.  You need to address this as soon as possible.

5. He Comes Home Very Happy

On the opposite side of the coin, if he comes home very happy, it could be that he is overcompensating for feelings of sadness that he feels when he’s with you.  Of course, just because he’s happier than usual, doesn’t mean he’s cheating or that he’s about to.  But displaying bouts of happiness can indicate feelings of guilt that he’s trying to cover up.

If your boyfriend is always happy-go-lucky, then this isn’t a problem.  But if he is all of the sudden the happiest guy in the world when he comes home to you, then you need to use your intuition to get down to the truth as to why he has a smile on his face.  Even positive hints can indicate that something is wrong.

6. He Checks His Phone All the Time

Most people today have their phones glued to their hands, so it comes as no surprise that your boyfriend checks his phone all the time.  However, if your boyfriend has never been into his phone and is all the sudden using it more than you use yours, then this should raise suspicions.

While women are known for being notorious texters, men today can be just as text giddy, especially when they’re trying to impress a woman.  If he hasn’t put down the phone since the minute he got home and has it glued to his hand, then you have something to be curious about.

7. There Are A Lot of Fights

You’re reading your book like you do every afternoon and minding your own business when he walks in the room and picks a fight with you out of nowhere.  He complains that you have raggedy clothes, he claims that you’re not as good looking as you used to be, or he lashes out and says you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.  If these situations are happening, you can be sure that you’re either in a relationship with a control freak or with someone who’s about to cheat or is already stepping out on you.

It’s the all blame game proverb—the one doing the accusing is guilty.  The truth is, if your boyfriend is picking fights with you, it could be his way of making you push him away.  He could be trying to pick fights so he’s able to step out and be with his new woman.

How many of these seven signs do you see in your relationship?  Just because you see a few of these signs doesn’t mean your boyfriend is cheating or on the brink of betraying you.  You should always listen to your gut feeling and follow your intuition.  If you suspect your boyfriend is about to cheat, simply have a conversation with him and go from there.  If your boyfriend is already cheating, it’s time for you to walk away and end the relationship.

You deserve so much more than a man who is capable of cheating on you.  If you want to meet relationship-minded men in Houston, Texas, contact our Cypress matchmakers today by filling out the private survey at the top of the page.  Reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation and let Houston’s best dating service find you a trustworthy man who is worthy of your love.