Top 10 Qualities to Look for in Single Men in Houston

There is no doubt that there are many great single men in Houston, but the problem is finding them amongst the sea of Mr. Wrongs.  There are many single men in Houston who are simply not ready to be in a relationship with someone long-term.

There is nothing wrong with that, unless, of course, you’re looking for something serious.  If you’re looking for the real deal, then you need to skip them.  Needless to say, it can be hard to know whether the man you’re dating thinks about a future with you.  Today, our professional matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top qualities to look for in a keeper so you’re not wasting your time with a casual dater.

1. He Cares About Your Success

A man who doesn’t care about your job or tries to bring you down is not the right man for you.  The man you’re supposed to be with will encourage you to achieve your dreams and celebrate your successes.  He will never get in the way of you and your goals.  Ladies, you don’t need to be with a man who brings you down.

2. He Is Ambitious Himself

Just like he wants you to succeed in life, he also wants to be successful.  Ladies, you do not need to be with a man who lacks work ethics.  If you are busting your rear at your job while he’s at home watching TV all day, then there is something wrong with this picture.  This isn’t healthy because he is becoming dependent on you.  If he doesn’t have work ethics and isn’t ambitious, show him the front door.

3. He Can Make You Laugh

Life is way too short to be with a man who is always down and out.  Having fun with someone is perhaps the most important aspect of a romantic relationship.  You need a man who can help you make a rainy day a fun one.

4. He Makes You a Priority

Your time is precious.  You need to be with a man who understands and respects that.  There are going to be many men you meet who aren’t going to treat you right and simply waste your time.  Those are the men you never want to be with.  There is no need for you to date someone who is only wasting your time.  The right man will make you a priority in his life.

5. He Will Keep You on Your Toes

You don’t need to be with a man who agrees with everything you say, nor should you want to.  You need a man who brings something new to the relationship and challenges you.  It’s no fun when you’re with someone who you can’t have a little argument with now and then.  Arguments are healthy for a relationship because you can’t (and shouldn’t) simply agree on everything all the time.  But this isn’t just about arguments.  You need a man who constantly surprises you.  Whether it’s planning a romantic picnic at the park or surprising you with a thoughtful gift, you need someone who keeps you on your toes and wants to see your smile.

6. He Knows When to Stop

As much as you don’t want to agree with it, you might not always be right when it comes to arguments.  Everyone goes too far every once in a while, and you need someone who is going to understand that and not blame you for it.  It can be difficult to admit when you’re wrong, and sometimes you might not have it in you to admit it, which can cause the fight to escalate to another level.  At this point, it pays to be with a man who knows when to put an end to the fight.  You need a man who realizes the relationship is more important than who wins the argument.

7. He’ll Drop Anything for You

You need to have a man who will be there by your side when things go wrong.  It can be anything from driving to you to help you out with a flat tire or even providing you with an ear to vent to when you had an awful day at work.

Your man is supposed to be your number one cheerleader, just like you’re supposed to be his.  You both need each other to cheer the other up when things aren’t going right.  That’s one of the best parts of being in a relationship, knowing you can count on each other no matter what.

8. He Has Patience

You need to be with a man who isn’t going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.  You don’t need to be with someone who doesn’t understand why you don’t want to take the relationship to the next level or why you aren’t ready to meet his friends and family yet.

The right man will understand and will help you feel comfortable.  He will understand that some women take a little longer and won’t pressure you to do something you’re not ready for.

9. He Is Consistent

He isn’t there one day and gone the next.  Your man should always there for you, both physically and emotionally.  If your man can’t see you one day you made plans but gives you a valid reason and reschedules, then he is a good man.  You don’t need to be with someone who is constantly lying, disappearing, or making you question his whereabouts.

He is not going to be lovey dovey one day and act like you don’t matter the next.  He is going to be consistent with everything he does and will always treat you with the respect you deserve.  Someone who doesn’t treat you right doesn’t deserve your time.

10. His Actions Prove His Love

He doesn’t have to tell you he loves you because you know he does.  As a woman, it’s great to hear those three little words, but it’s another beautiful thing when you know he loves you and he doesn’t have to say the words.  As we know, actions always speak louder than words.  It’s easy for a man to tell you that he loves you but another to prove it.  If you have a man who goes out of his way to make you feel special, and he will do anything for you, then you have a keeper.

Being in a relationship is not easy, and it will have its ups and down.  But you need to be with a man who realizes you’re worth the effort.  If your man does all the things our Houston matchmakers mentioned above, then you have a keeper.  And if he doesn’t, then it might be time to reevaluate the relationship.

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