6 Secrets for Single Women in Houston to Attract Wealthy Men

Are you one of the many successful single women in Houston who is dying to meet someone of your caliber?  Well, don’t sit there and think for a second that a wealthy man is going to come knocking on your door and sweep you off your feet because that will never happen.  Do you think quality men are going to show up at your house and profess their undying love?  No, it doesn’t work that way.

If you want to find yourself a successful partner to share your life with, you need to get out of your house and go to places wealthy men frequent, like luxury clubs, golf courses, upscale restaurants, five star hotels, and charity events.

By putting yourself out there, you increase your chances of meeting successful single men in Houston.  Some women are luckily than others because not all successful men have time to be out and about.  As you know from being successful yourself, they are busy in their careers and don’t have much time to spare.

If you’re looking for love in Houston and want to meet find men whose success, lifestyle, and ethics align with yours, let our Houston matchmakers show you where you meet them.

1. The Fitness Center

Forget your 24-hour fitness gym with the $20/month membership that everyone goes to.  If you want to find successful men, you have to enroll in a high-end gym.  Yes, there is such a thing, but you may already know that.  There are upscale gyms and fitness centers that ensure successful men and women go there.

Of course, this is an expense that is definitely worth it because you’ll get to network and mingle with people who are successful like you.  Wealthy men are known for being early risers, which means they’re going to be up early to get a good workout in.  Set your alarm for 5 am, throw on your cutest gym gear, and head out to the gym.

2. Visit the Financial District

Where do you think successful men and wealthy bachelors hang out?  Easy, the financial district.  If you don’t work or live near the bustling financial district, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to meet someone successful like yourself.  All it takes is a quick trip to the financial district during your lunch hour and you’ll encounter successful men everywhere you turn.

In these business-oriented places, you’re bound to run into wealthy bachelors, entrepreneurs, bank owners, CEOs, and successful men from all career fields.

3. High-End Shopping Districts

Successful men are not shopping at the local Walmart.  As you already know, they are out shopping at the high-end shopping districts, upscale boutiques, and luxury stores.  In order to come across a successful man, you need to head out where they do their shopping, which you probably already do.

Sure, tailored suits and leather briefcases might not be your thing, but the next time you’re shopping for yourself, keep your eyes open in the men’s departments.  You might run into a successful man who is picking up something for himself.  Don’t be afraid to spark up a conversation and take it from there.  A man who is also interested in you will be happy to talk to you.

4. Company Events

If you don’t work for a big company that has eligible men, you’re not out of luck just yet.  You might have a close friend who works in an industry that has many single bachelors that are also looking for love.  You can ask your friend if you can join her for her next work event.  Your gal pal can be your matchmaker and introduce you to someone who she thinks is a good fit for you.  Put on your classiest outfit and head out to check out the company scene.

These events are perfect for meeting successful men because everyone is feeling laid-back, more social and looking to have a great time.  They are leaving all the work stress at work and looking to enjoy themselves while they mingle, meaning they’ll be more open to chatting it up with you.

5. Five Star Hotels

You don’t have to stay in a five star hotel to meet successful men.  Five star hotels usually include bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes for their guests, and thankfully, all these fine establishments are open for everyone.

Check out the closest five star hotel and scope out the scene.  Put on your classiest business attire and head out for lunch or a coffee.  Successful men who are staying at the hotel on business or those who are enjoying a drink on their lunch hour are there unwinding and indulging in the delicious food and drinks.  This gives you the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone who catches your interest.  Either sit at the bar or at a table, but make sure you look inviting and approachable.

6. Charity Functions

As a successful woman yourself, you might have a few charities you help and support.  Well, guess what, successful men have a few of their own, too.  Successful men go to these events and give back to help those in need.  Charity functions provide you the perfect opportunity to meet a man as successful and kindhearted as you.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

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