League City Matchmakers Reveal Top 6 Signs He’s Cheating

You have that vibe that something is off.  You don’t know what it is, but it’s there.  Something inside of you is telling you that your man is secretly seeing another woman.  Maybe there are clues, or maybe you just feel it in your gut.  You tried putting it aside, but that feeling keeps coming back, again and again.

As Houston’s #1 dating service, we’ve seen and heard it all before.  If he’s acting differently and you can’t put your finger on what’s going on, then you have every right to be suspicious.  Today, our League City matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are going to show you the telltale signs your guy is cheating.

1. He takes a long time to return your calls.

You remember back to the early stages of your relationship when he would answer your phone calls on the second ring or text you immediately after you hit send?  Yep, even if he was at work.  Those days are long gone, and it’s taking him a long time to return your calls now.  Getting a hold of him is like getting a hold of the president.

If your boyfriend is taking a long time to return your calls, he could be busy at work, so don’t jump the gun.  But if he routinely doesn’t answer, even when you know he’s not working, that’s a good sign you’re not as important as you once were.

If you call and text when you know he’s not working and he’s still not answering or responding, then you know something is up.  He can’t give you the same “I left my phone in the car” and “My phone died midday” excuse again and again.

2. He starts fights with you all the time.

Everything is going great when he—out of nowhere—starts a fight with you for no reason.  You have no idea why he is starting a fight and can’t believe how quickly it’s escalating.  He might be starting arguments with you and giving himself an excuse to cheat.  If he decides you need to take a break from the relationship because of all the arguments lately, this was his plan all along.

Don’t let the fights get into your head because he’s starting them to escape you.  He just needs any type of negativity and any excuse to run to the arms of his other woman.

3. He now likes a different genre of music.

He’s always been a diehard rock fanatic, and that’s all he would ever listen to.  But now he’s interested in a different genre of music.  He’s now dancing around the house to country music and wants to go to country concerts.  Why is he all the sudden into country music?  Because his new girlfriend is.  Going from rock to country might not seem like a big deal, but there is something behind it.  His new girlfriend could be a country music lover, who is transforming him in to one too.  Who knows, maybe she’s the one taking him to this upcoming country concert.

Try taking an interest in his new music and see how he acts.  If he is excited that you like his new genre of music, then you have nothing to worry about.  But if he is reluctant to let you in and doesn’t want to introduce you to his new love for country music, then you know what’s going on here.  If he acts irrational when you bring it up, again, you know what you’re dealing with.

4. He doesn’t notice you.

He used to greet you with a big smile every morning and give you compliments on your style.  Lately he hasn’t even noticed that you got a haircut, had your nails done, and bought a killer new pair of heels.  He probably doesn’t notice because he’s more interested in what this other woman is offering.  His eyes are already on someone else, and he probably doesn’t care what you do at this point.

Give him one more chance to redeem himself.  Get all dolled up for the evening, and if he doesn’t notice your beauty (while you know you could stop traffic), then you know it’s time to move on.  Whether you find out he’s cheating or not, you need to be with a man who pays attention and gives you the respect and affection you deserve.

5. Your mutual friends are acting weird.

It goes without saying that you and your boyfriend have mutual friends.  And if they are starting to act weird around you, then you know something is up.  They must know something you don’t.  For all we know, they could’ve already met that other woman he’s sneaking around with.  If they keep their distance from you and only interact when they absolutely have to, then chances are your man has brainwashed them.  Don’t expect them to have your back on this one.

6. He started a new diet.

Most guys could care less about diets and eating healthy, unless of course your man has always been that way or you made a goal together.  If your boyfriend has always eaten junk food and is all the sudden into the latest fad diet and knows everything about kale, juicing, and Paleo, then be wary because the new woman in his life could be introducing him to all these things.  Find out more about his new eating habits, then do a little research to find out which restaurants serve suitable dishes for him.  Why?  Because that’s likely where they’re going on dates together.

Ask him questions about his new interest in healthy eating and how he heard about this new diet he’s on.  See if he is open and responsive or if he closes up or gets defensive.  If he is excited to bring you into this new healthy change in his life and even suggests setting goals together, then he’s not cheating.  On the other hand, if he doesn’t welcome your questions and gets a little irritated with you, then you know where you stand.

No one wants to be cheated on by their man.  If your boyfriend is cheating on you, then you need to leave him and find someone better.  Our League City matchmakers know you deserve to be with a man who would never think about cheating, and that’s the type of men we can introduce you to.

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