Elite Matchmakers in Houston Reveal 7 Lies Women Fall For

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You wish you could believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to men.  Life would be a lot easier if you could believe everything they said.  Unfortunately, that’s not the way life works.  When it comes to men, some of them lie about everything, while others leave out important little details that matter a lot.  Many men today are more interested in casual hookups and quick encounters than real relationships.

You need to accept that men in the Houston dating scene are going to lie to you, and sometimes you’re going to fall for it no matter how careful you try to be with your romantic life.  But if you pay close attention and get to know the biggest lies men tell, you won’t get taken advantage of anymore.

As elite matchmakers in Houston, we’re here to help you get in the know about men and the lies they tell.  Here are the biggest lies women fall for in dating so you don’t fall for them yourself.

1. “You’re the only woman I’m talking to.”

If the guy you’re seeing feels the need to reassure you that you’re the only woman he’s talking to, then you probably aren’t.  Men are known for using this lie all the time, and they literally don’t care if they’re hurting your feelings in the process.

You know how it goes: you see him texting someone that you’re unfamiliar with.  You notice that it’s a woman and quickly ask him who she is, but he suddenly puts the phone away and tells you not to worry because you’re the only woman he’s talking to.  Of course you know that’s not true because you just caught him talking to another woman right in front of you.  If he’s lying about talking to other women, imagine what else he’s lying about.

2. “She’s only a friend.”

Have you ever dated a guy and felt like you were really clicking with him but got a little nervous because you noticed every other woman seemed to click with him too?  This could be a sticky situation so you need to get to the bottom of the truth.  You decide to bring up the topic the next time you see him and ask him why he’s hanging out with Michelle and Sara all the time, or why Rachel always seems to be so close to him?  Is there something going on?  To which he naturally replies, “Oh, no, she’s just a friend.”

3. “I’m completely over my ex.”

Everyone in the Houston dating scene has a few skeletons in their closet.  Maybe you have a few of your own that you would rather never talk about or think about again.  Maybe the guy you’re seeing has an ex or two he talks to all the time.  You just need to ensure that even if his ex contacts him, he’s 100% committed to you.  If you notice that his ex is poking around and he loves the attention, don’t be afraid to ask him what’s going on.  If he insists he’s completely over her but his actions say otherwise, then something is going on here.

4. “I’m only hanging out with the guys.”

Now this one isn’t always a lie.  If you have established trust with your boyfriend, you can probably believe him when he tells you he’s hanging out with the guys.  But let’s say you just started dating someone new.  Things are going well, and you really love spending time with him.  One night you text him to make plans, but he tells you he can’t come over because he’s hanging out with the guys.  Okay, fine, you think… Until you notice his Facebook wall is saturated with pictures with other women.

Ladies, guys’ night out doesn’t usually mean guys’ night out.  It’s one of the oldest excuses men use to cover up wild nights out.

5. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Here we go with the classic breakup line.  Sometimes it feels nice to hear it, while other times it hurts.  Guys are known for using this one a lot because they don’t want to hurt a woman’s feelings.  Sure, a guy will say he’s the one who is the problem and that there is nothing wrong with you.  But that will never stop you from feeling like everything is your fault.  Guys say this to make themselves feel better.  He thinks that by putting the blame on himself, you’ll walk away from the breakup feeling less angry that he’s breaking up with you.

6. “I’m just not ready to be exclusive.”

Perhaps the biggest lie that men tell is that they’re not ready to be in a serious relationship.  We know it’s not that they’re not ready for a relationship but rather that many of them aren’t mature enough to handle one.  They would rather stay single and not have the responsibility of being in a relationship.

Some men know that they can make efforts to improve their behaviors but choose not to.  They would rather jump from one woman to the next to avoid having to change a thing.

7. “I gave up Tinder.”

Men today are obsessed with Tinder.  Long gone are the days of running into a cute woman at a local coffee shop or at the register in the supermarket.  Today, men would rather flip through women on a screen and swipe right if they think they’re hot enough.  Is this what romance is all about now?  As matchmakers, we can’t understand why someone would use Tinder to find love.  But it’s true.  It has become a very popular, so be wary if he says that he’s hung up his Tinder hat.  If the guy you’re seeing says he’s not using Tinder, do a little snooping and check it out for yourself.

Are you tired of meeting men who always lie to you?  Do you want to find a trustworthy man who is looking for a committed relationship?  If so, contact our elite matchmakers in Houston today and let us introduce you to quality men who are fit and ready to date and settle down.

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