Houston Dating Service Reveals 7 Gifts to Impress His Mom

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Whether you’ve been dating for six months or a couple years, you’re going to have to impress his mom and gain her approval.  His mom has a huge influence on him whether he admits it or not, and her word could determine a lot as far as your relationship.  If she’s already fond of you, then, of course, you want to keep it that way.  Or maybe you’re not her favorite woman yet, in which case you have some honest work to do.

As the leading Houston dating service, we know how important it is for you to suck up to his mom a little and get on her good side.  You need to give her gifts and make gestures that speak to her and show her that you were listening when she was talking.  We’re not saying you need to spend a fortune because small gifts and kind gestures really do mean a lot.   So with that being said, let our Houston matchmakers show you seven heartfelt gifts to win his mom’s heart.

1. Invite her to join you for a workshop.

Let her know that you want to spend a little QT with her on a date that’s not going to be awkward or boring.  There are so many workshops in Houston you can attend together that are fun, creative, and out-of-the-box.  From soap making, sculpting, painting, and cooking, there are so many workshops to choose from here.  But remember to pick one that will interest her.

2. Invite her for brunch and cook one of her recipes.

Maybe food is the way to her heart—just like it was for your boyfriend.  Invite her over for a brunch and prepare one of her delicious recipes.  She’s going to love the fact that you were listening and paying attention and that you put effort into preparing something she taught you all about.  Make sure that you follow her recipe to a T so it comes out just as she would make it.

3. Make a scrapbook of her and her children.

Want to win her heart in no time?  Then this one’s surely going to do it.  Collect and make copies of old photos she might have stashed away, and call your boyfriend and his siblings to see if they have any other souvenirs from when they were kids.  Put together a beautiful scrapbook/photo album with all the best photos you can find.  Leave yourself out of this one to show her that you respect her roots and her family.  Then get ready because this genuine little gift will soon make you her favorite woman.

4. Buy her pajamas, slippers, and candles.

Nothing says I care about you like gifting his mom pajamas, slippers, and candles to help her relax after a long day.  Write a note that says “Relax! You deserve it.”  It might be a little cliché to gift mom something like this, but believe us, there’s nothing she’ll love more than a relaxing day thought up by you.  You can even take it up a notch and pair it with her favorite tea or wine and movie to enjoy.

5. Invite her on a family road trip.

Your boyfriend has been bugging you to spend some time with his family, so now is the perfect time.  Invite your boyfriend and his mom for a quick road trip.  A quick trip to the mountains, the beach or a lake, or nearby tourist attraction is exactly what you need to bond with mom.  Think about what she likes for this one.  Antiques, farmers markets, and vineyards—all this makes for a great family getaway that shows you really put some thought in.

6. Go with a do-it-yourself gift.

Even if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, you can still give it a whirl because it will win points with his mom.  Heck, you can even botch the whole thing because mom will still admire the effort you put into this gift for her.

7. Be the chef for the day.

His mom has probably invited you to her place many times for some home cooked meals and family get togethers with the works, so now it’s time for the tables to turn.  Ask your boyfriend what his mother’s favorite meal is and prepare it.  Go all out and prepare a whole array of dishes you know his mom can’t resist.  But why stop at the entrée when you can make her favorite dessert too?  His mom will be thrilled to be pampered by you for the day.

See, we told you that winning her heart wasn’t going to be that hard.  It’s just take some honest effort, genuine thought, and kindheartedness to win her over.  Use these seven gift ideas and you’ll be her favorite gal in no time—and your guy will love you that much more too.

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