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Dating is very difficult, especially when you’re looking for a meaningful relationship in a fast-paced world.  And let’s face it, the hookup culture doesn’t make things any easier for love seeking singles.  Male or female, younger or older, dating is difficult for everyone.  Many frustrated daters would consider dating to be time-consuming, frustrating, and downright disappointing sometimes.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been single, dating today can definitely be challenging.  Approaching strangers and introducing yourself, going out on first dates with people you don’t know, talking to blind dates you know nothing about, and trying to determine if you’re compatible… Ugh, the list goes on.  Yes, we know dating is hard.

But before you throw in the towel and stop dating altogether, it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one facing the challenges in today’s dating scene.  In fact, thousands of singles in Houston are experiencing the same exact hurdles you’re trying to overcome.  As matchmakers, we’ve heard it all.  But we’re here to help you overcome the challenges of modern dating.

Today, our Houston Singles matchmakers will share the dating challenges singles in Houston face every day.  Knowing that you’re not alone will help you dust yourself off and get right back out there.

1. Being Single Forever

Okay, maybe not forever, but it can certainly feel like you’ve been single for a very long time.  More people than ever are choosing to stay single for many reasons–mostly because they can’t meet people who are serious about dating.  Both genders have experienced the annoyance of not being able to meet relationship-ready singles.

2. Going on Too Many First Dates

First dates are exciting and exhilarating.  But if you’ve been single for a while, they’re going to be frustrating.  You hope that the next first date you go out on ends up being the last first date ever.  But things don’t always go as planned.  Maybe you like them but they don’t feel the same way about you.  Or maybe they’re into you and you’re not feeling them at all.  The possibilities are endless, and it’s enough to give you a headache.  Both sexes experience endless first dates.

3. Getting Confused By Text Messages

Texting and dating is so confusing.  It’s the worst thing in today’s modern dating scene.  There are so many ways to misinterpret a text message.  You often thing someone hates you and is totally ignoring you because they took a few hours to reply when they’re simply in a work meeting and have their cell phone turned off.  Since we’re always glued to our iPhones, it’s hard to believe that someone could take that long to reply.  But, hey, life and work can get in the way of love and dating.  Again, both genders struggle with this dating problem.

4. Feeling Insecure

Insecurity isn’t a male or female thing.  Nope, it happens to both sexes.  Everyone gets a little bit insecure, especially when it comes to dating.  It’s hard not to wonder what the other person is thinking about you when you’re sitting across from them on a first date.  It’s also hard not to overanalyze everything—what you wore, what you said, what you talked about, and if there were any awkward silences.  Everyone struggles with this, so you’re not alone here.  It’s totally normal to feel insecure in your dating life.  The key is not to overanalyze everything.

5. Facing Family Members

Both men and women hate to deal with family members (well, their constant badgering about their single status).  It can be lonely to be single, something you already know.  But that feeling of loneliness intensifies every time you attend a family get together and have to endure their questions about your single status.  Ugh, those are just words you don’t want to hear.  It is super annoying to deal with family members, almost to the point that you want to skip going to the family Christmas gathering.

6. Getting Your Hopes Up

Both sexes are totally hopeful before a date.  Whether it’s the first or tenth date, you definitely want to know that it’s going in the right direction.  Everyone wants to fall for someone, and everyone wants to be in a happy relationship.  Your eagerness to be in a relationship might get your hopes up too soon.  So the next time you go on a date, remember that it is just a date.  Treating it as a date instead of envisioning the future should ease your nerves and allow you to have a good time.

These six challenges are the biggest hurdles singles in Houston face on the search for love.  If you’re single and looking for love in Houston, you might be facing some of these hurdles yourself.  But there’s a way to avoid them.  And you might be wondering how, right?  You can invest in a professional matchmaker like ours here at Houston Singles Dating Service.

Why face the challenges of dating on your own when we can do the hard part of dating for you and eliminate the struggles of dating altogether?  It’s time to start meeting relationship-minded singles in Houston without the usual frustrations of dating! To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!