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You’re single and ready to mingle.  Not really, you’re single and wondering why your past relationships failed.  Your latest relationship started with a boom.  It was promising, just like all the ones in the past.  What possibly could have gone wrong?  Are you too clingy?  Too critical?  Do you jump into relationships head first? It can be nearly impossible to admit that you’re the one doing something wrong, and that it’s your own behaviors that are preventing you from keeping your happily ever after.

We’re habitually blind to our own mistakes, which leads us to make them time and time again.  If this sounds like you, then you need to stop whatever you’re doing and read this blog our Houston matchmakers have written for you.  If you couldn’t keep any of your relationships going strong, it’s likely you’re committing one or all of these relationship blunders.

So let the #1 Friendswood dating service, Houston Singles, show you three ways you destroyed all your past relationships.  After all, we want to help you put an end to these toxic relationship behaviors so you can finally find your happily ever after.

1. You’re Overly Critical

In an ideal world, you would meet and fall in love with someone who has the same values and desires as you.  Unfortunately, the real world isn’t like the movies.  You might have ended up with someone who was a little different than you, which can make the relationship a little bit challenging.

It can be hard not to hold your significant other to the same standards as you hold yourself to, but it’s important that you do.  Remember that you fell in love with who he was, not the version you imagined him to be.  Perhaps your new boyfriend isn’t as motivated as you are to work his way up the career ladder, or maybe he’s not a diehard exercise fanatic like you.  These desires must come from within.  No amount of criticism on your end can make him change and get himself on the same page as you.  So before you make comments about him having another slice of pizza, take a look in the mirror.  He’s accepted you for who you are—flaws and all—and you must do the same.

2. Neglecting Your Own Interests

While it’s important to pursue shared interests with your boyfriend, you also need to pursue the things you like.  Too often, women become so consumed with their relationships, especially in the early stages, that they neglect their own interests.  This can lead you to become clingy and rely on your boyfriend for everything, including your happiness.  We’re sure you probably have a friend or two who morphed themselves into the female version of their boyfriend and neglected their own lives.  Don’t be like them—don’t lose sight of who you are as a woman.

It can be difficult not to want to spend all your time with your new boyfriend, but you must.  It is imperative that you continue leading your own life.  Time and time again, our matchmakers here at Houston Singles have men tell us they’re highly attracted to a woman who is independent and continues leading her own life in the relationship.  Men find independence to be a very sexy quality.  It’s time to stop spending all your time with him and do you.

3. Being Too Jealous

Western society has conditioned women to believe that they’re always in competition with each other.  This can lead to a lot of distrust in our female counterparts, especially the beautiful ones who work with our partners.  Even though your natural inclination might be to feel jealous of the beautiful woman your boyfriend works with, you can’t do that.

Jealousy has never looked good on anyone, especially when it’s frequent or unwarranted.  If you’re the jealous type, that’s likely the reason you can’t keep a relationship.  Don’t be that girlfriend with the green eyed monster looking over her shoulder all the time.  Although your natural instinct might be to feel suspicious of other women, you need to keep it in.  Rather than distrusting the women in your man’s life, embrace them.  Show everyone how confident you are in yourself and in your man.  Let the world know that you will never feel threatened by another woman.

These three toxic behaviors could be the reason why you’re single today.  If you want to keep your next relationship strong and alive, you need to change these unhealthy behaviors now.

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