5 Easy & Effective Dating Resolutions for Singles in Houston

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The new year is here, and it’s time to start our New Year’s resolutions.  With another year behind us, we have a brand new one to conquer—resolving to make the most out of the fresh new year.  If you struggled with dating in 2017, well, that’s all about to change in 2018.  You have a clean slate, a brand new drawing board, so you might as give yourself a goal to keep at it and increase your chances of finding love.

While some people set resolutions to lose weight or get heathier, if you’re single, then your number one resolution is to find love.  And today you’re in luck because our experienced matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service have a few dating resolutions we know will help you find love in 2018.

  1. Open your mind and heart.


While some people might think this means going out there and meeting someone new with an open heart, that’s not really what it means.  Date with an open mind and open heart, and be ready for new possibilities in your dating life.  You could try being more social, attending more events, or maybe even resolve to get your behind off the couch on the weekends.  Opening your heart doesn’t always refer to your dating life.  It should also spill over into your personal and social life.  Start creating new friendships because you can never have too many friends.  After all, the more friends you have, the better your chances of finding love through them.

  1. Take yourself out on a date.


You know who deserves an elaborate date?  You.  If you haven’t been on a date in months, what are you waiting for?  Start taking yourself out on dates.  Why are you living in fear of going out alone?  Make 2018 the year you take yourself out on awesome dates.  Once you go out to eat alone, you’ll find that it’s more enjoyable than you ever thought it would be.  You don’t have to stress about keeping the conversation flowing, you can order whatever you want, and even have an extra glass of wine.

  1. Get off dating sites.


Seriously, who has ever had luck in the online dating world?  If you want to find love in 2018, then it’s time you stop dating creeps on dating sites and dating apps.  Yes, it’s really entertaining to see what’s out there, but at the end of the day it’s just a waste of time.  If you’re serious about dating in 2018, it’s time to head to the real world and meet people face-to-face.  Face- to-face interaction is the only real way to spark a connection and gauge compatibility.

  1. Start a new hobby.


How can starting a new hobby help you find love?  Because you can meet like-minded people.  As much as you believe that watching TV on the weekend is a hobby, it isn’t.  It’s time to start a new hobby, such as painting, photography, or cooking and baking.  Whatever it is you enjoy, it’s time you start doing it again.  If you don’t have any long-lost hobbies, then it’s time to explore and find something you enjoy.

  1. Get yourself flowers.


If you’re a woman who hasn’t received flowers in years, what are you waiting for?  Spoil yourself with a bouquet of flowers.  Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a nice bouquet.  Let’s face it, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on your dining room table.

If you want to find love in 2018, then it’s time you make dating a priority.  If you haven’t had much luck on your own, then give us a call and let our matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service help you find what you’re looking for in a partner.

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