Houston Dating Service Reveals 8 Signs You Found a Keeper

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Many women have been planning their wedding day since they were young girls.  Men, on the other hand, are a little bit different.  Only once they determine they’ve found their ideal woman can they even think about settling down.  Even then, some men take years to pop the question, which can be very frustrating for marriage-minded women.

Sure, he might say he loves you, but words aren’t the only way to prove love.  If you’re unsure if you have yourself a keeper, someone you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, this article is for you.

Today, our Houston dating service will show you the top signs you found yourself a man worth keeping.

  1. He pampers you all the time.


Sure, being nice means that he’s genuinely nice.  However, if he pampers you all the time, it’s not because he’s nice.  Men don’t pamper women who they’re not interested in being with.  He can see that you are his queen and is treating you like such.  If you’re with a guy who pampers you all the time, someone who takes your feelings and happiness into consideration, he’s worth keeping.

  1. He hints about having children.


Whether he brought it up in conversation or dedicated an entire date to the subject, if the guy you’re with is hinting about having children with you, then he’s obviously serious about you.  If you’re with a guy who wants to have a family with you, and you do too, then you have yourself a real keeper.

  1. He uses the word “we.”


If they guy you’re with uses the word we instead of me, then he already sees you as a team.  Whether it’s referring to a work project or talking about the future, if he’s saying we instead of me, that’s a good sign.  It means he sees himself with you through life.

  1. His family loves you.


Never underestimate the importance of being loved by his family, especially if he’s close to them. Their opinions matter, and if they love you, then there’s a high chance they want you to be part of the family.  If you’re with a guy whose family loves you, then you have yourself a keeper.

  1. He respects your opinion.


When a man asks for your opinion, you can pretty much guarantee that he values your presence.  Mature men can make their own decisions, so if he’s coming to you for advice, that’s a good sign.  From what to eat for dinner to bigger decisions, he always come to you.  There’s no clearer sign that you have yourself a keeper.

  1. You have a pet together.


Getting a furry little friend is a sign he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.  No one gets a pet with someone to leave them.  Jokes aside, wanting to share the responsibility of caring for a fur baby is an indication that he wants to be with you in the long run.

  1. He doesn’t run away from the tough stuff.


A man who sticks by you through thick and thin is a man who takes you seriously and doesn’t want to lose you.  Whether it’s being by your side through a serious illness or helping you through a job crisis, he’s always by your side and there to support you.  If you can literally say he’s been by your side through your darkest hour, he is your keeper.

  1. He trusts you completely.


Whether it’s driving his car or holding his ATM card, he fully trusts you, which is a clear indication that you’re the one for him.  Not only does he take your thoughts and opinions seriously, but he trusts you with all his heart.

We can almost see you smiling because we know you have yourself a keeper.  Don’t let this great guy get away!

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