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You’ve probably been told many times that the perfect guy for you will come around at the perfect time. But what if we told you that he might already come and gone? What if he came around and passed you by because you were not dateable? That’s right, you have to be the right woman so he doesn’t pass you. There are some universal qualities that no guy in the world wants in a girlfriend. So if you’ve been single for a while, this is probably why.

Today, our Galveston matchmakers here at Houston Singles will show you bad behaviors that are keeping you single. You need to stop doing these eight things if you ever want to find love.

  1. You’re addicted to your work.


You stay late at the office every day of the week, even on your anniversary. And he better not complain about it, right? Women deserve to be career-oriented just like men. You feel like you have to prove that by devoting yourself to your work, and some would say that you’re overly devoted.

But here’s the thing: if a guy is looking to settle down and start a family, he knows he can’t do that with a woman who can’t even make time for him. If you’re not able to make time in your busy schedule to spend time with your guy, then you shouldn’t be in a relationship.

  1. You’re too high maintenance.


Going to the mall or to the grocery store requires you to be fully done up from head to toe. And you don’t ever expect anything less of the guy you’re seeing either. There’s no such thing as a casual date night for you. You want to be dolled up all the time and expect him to be the same way. Sorry, but no guy wants to date a woman who is too high maintenance. If you can’t even hang out at home without piling on the makeup, don’t expect anyone to stick around too long.

  1. You’re too picky.


You really dislike bald guys. You don’t like short guys either. Why? No reason. You want a tall blond with six-pack abs and blue eyes. And let’s not forget about that six-figure salary too. You don’t like guys in blue collar jobs. Ugh, blue collar is so beneath you.

You need someone who looks like Channing Tatum—someone who works in finance, a true gentleman, and has the perfect body. He also needs to be funny and smart. Otherwise, it’s not worth it for you.

  1. You wreak of desperation.


Wedded bliss and babies are on your radar. And your biological clock is ticking, so Mr. Right Now will have to do. Sure, he isn’t exactly what you had in mind for a life partner, but you can’t stand the thought of being alone for the rest of your life. You might as well ask the tough questions right now, such as how many children he wants and what type of wedding he plans on having in the not-so-distant future.

Slow it down! You wreak of desperation. If you’re coming off as desperate, you can kiss the idea of a relationship goodbye because no guy wants to be with a woman who will settle for anything.

  1. You’re too clingy.


New boyfriend? Oh, you can say goodbye to your friends, hobbies, and interests. And your friends know this one all-too-well themselves. They know that you’re no longer available for girls’ nights out, weekend shopping trips, and Sunday brunches once you meet someone. Yep, you quit your life just to be with your new guy.

  1. You nag all the time.


Every woman knows that no guy wants to be with a woman who is a replacement of his mother. He won’t get anything done if you’re constantly on his case about it, so technically you’re not helping him at all. You take out his clothes, tell him what route to take to work, and even weigh in on who he should hang out with.

You think you’re being helpful, but you’re really pushing men away. Stop with the nagging, stop with the mommy-ing.

  1. You’re close-minded.


You don’t have any interest in anything new. Why bother when you already know what works? He suggested a new date idea and you almost dumped him for suggesting it. You never want to go anywhere unless it’s your favorite place.

  1. You’re a hermit.


You don’t put any efforts into trying to meet anyone new. You turn down all the offers your friends make you to go out. You would rather stay safely in your comfort zone instead of leaving your house. Who do you think you’re going to meet sitting at home? The pizza delivery boy or the cable guy? If you want to meet your Mr. Right, you have to get out of your comfort zone and start putting yourself out there. Accept invitations, join local organizations, take up new interests, and check out hobby classes. Bottom line, get out there and do more in your life.

If you want to find love, you must stop doing these eight things right away. Otherwise, you’re going to be single forever.

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