Pearland Matchmaking Service | 8 Signs You’re Settling in Love

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You’re always in a relationship because you don’t want to be single. But sometimes you can’t help but wonder how your coupled-up friends are having different experiences than you. They seem to be very happy in their relationships and are flying on cloud nine while you’re just not that happy.

Chances are, you might be setting for a mediocre relationship. So how can you tell?

Today, our Pearland matchmaking service will show you the telltale signs you’re settling for less than you deserve. If you notice a handful of these signs, it’s time you reevaluate your relationship and your happiness.

  1. You’re always on the lookout.


If you approach every outing as an opportunity to scope out the fellas, even though you’re already in a relationship, then you might not be happy with your current partner. Sure, every woman out there looks, but extensive daydreaming about new men means you’re not happy in your current relationship.

  1. Your sex life isn’t what you hope for it to be.


Who can blame you? If you’re not interested in him, then you’re not going to want to have fun in the bedroom. Passion and heat in the bedroom comes when you’re attracted to someone. If you’re dating someone and don’t want to be with them intimately, then chances are you’re setting in your relationship.

  1. You want him to change.


No one is perfect, but it’s a sure sign you’re setting in your relationship when you have a milelong list of things you wish your boyfriend would change. If you don’t like his sense of style, his sense of humor, his hair, his apartment, the way he kisses you, his circle of friends, and the way he smells, then it’s safe to say you’re just settling in your relationship. You should like a lot of things about your guy; otherwise, what’s the point in being with him?

  1. You’re lucky to have anyone.


Being lucky in love is one thing, but you’re just lucky to have anyone. Don’t underestimate what you have to offer and stay in an unfulfilling relationship just because you’re afraid to be single. If you’re always moving from one relationship to then next and don’t enjoy being single, you might want to figure out why this is happening.

  1. You can’t stand being alone.


Maybe you’re one of those women who feels like anything is better than being alone. If the idea of going grocery shopping without your boyfriend makes you anxious, then you might be overly dependent on him. It sounds crazy, but the only way you’re going to find love (real love) is if you’re totally happy being yourself. You must be self-sufficient in order to find true love.

  1. You’re afraid there’s no one better out there.


Staying in a relationship out of fear that there aren’t any other options for you is settling. If he’s not the right partner for you, then, of course, there’s someone better out there for you. You just need to muster up the energy to look for them.

  1. You feel guilty about dumping them.


Relationships can be messy every step of the way, and breaking up with someone is very difficult. It’s sweet that you feel bad about the timing because he just got fired from his job or his mother and father are coming to town, but in the long run, it’s better to tell him now. Yes, you might break his heart, but you’re doing yourself a favor. After all, nothing good comes from settling in a relationship.

  1. You’re the only one who is making compromises.


Every relationship out there requires both partners to compromise. In your friendships, you do it to support and love your friends. But in a romantic relationship, where people tend to be more controlling, things can get out of whack very fast. However, if you are with the right partner, you will have no problem compromising. You will meet each other halfway. But you are the only one who is making sacrifices in your relationship, then you’re setting for less than you deserve.

Settling in an unhappy relationship might not sound like a big deal, but unless you walk away from it, you will always live your life with regret.

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