Harris County Matchmakers | 10 Signs He Just Wants Sex

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Some guys are just bad guys. They draw you in and make you think they’re the best guys in the world, only to leave you crying for days on end. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the reality of today’s dating scene. But you can avoid it if you’re aware of the signs he’s only interested in you for sex.

Thankfully, some guys make it very clear that they only want to use you for sex. What’s hard is if you get attached to them. It’s hard, but sometimes you must admit the truth.

Signs He’s Only After Sex

Believe it or not, you can tell early on what he’s after. But if you’re unsure, don’t worry, we got you covered. Let our Harris County matchmakers show you the telltale signs he’s only after you for sex.

  1. He doesn’t seem very interested right away.


When you initially met him, how interested in you was he? This is very important because if he really liked you from the beginning, he would try to engage you. If he seemed uninterested until you got flirty, then he’s only after sex—nothing more.

  1. The first conversation was all surface.


You didn’t really discuss anything of value when you first met him. To him, the most important thing about you was the color of underwear you had on that day. And this right here should tell you everything you need to know.

  1. He mentions your loos over your personality.


Whenever he gives you a compliment, it’s never about how smart or funny you are. Nope, it’s always about your body and how great it looks. These aren’t the compliments of someone who wants to be in a relationship with you.

  1. Your conversations all revolve around sex.


Everything with him always turns into a sexual conversation. You can be having a great conversation about your day and he somehow turns it into sexual conversation. Even if you find a way to steer away from the topic of sex, he finds a better way to steer it back.

  1. He only texts late at night.


The only time you get a text message from him is late at night on the weekends or when he wants to hook up. He is usually the first to initiate any discussions about coming over. This is one of the biggest signs he’s only after you for sex.

  1. He never asks any serious questions about your life.


Whenever you talk to him, it’s always about the same old things. He doesn’t really make any effort to get to know you besides what undergarments you’re wearing. You feel as though he doesn’t even know who you are as a woman.

  1. He doesn’t talk about relationship things.


He never made you feel like you’re in a relationship with him. A guy who actually likes you and wants to be with you will definitely be talking about having a relationship. If this guy doesn’t, it’s probably because he’s using you for sex.

  1. Your dates are always at home.


Come to think about it, you never really go out. Even if you complain about this, he distracts you and finds a way to have sex with you. if a guy was serious about you and wanted to be in a relationship, he would have no problem taking you out on dates.

  1. You don’t know much about him.


You don’t know much about him. Guys who are only after a woman for sex don’t usually divulge details about their life. They keep to themselves and only share the basic stuff.

  1. You never met his friends.


Because he doesn’t really want to be in a relationship with you, he’s keeping you far away from his friends. If he only wants sex, he’ll have zero interest in you getting along with his friends, so he’ll never bring you around. HIs friends might not even know you exist.

Knowing the signs he only wants you for sex can save you a lot of heartache down the road. If you spot these signs in a guy you’re dating, walk away and avoid the drama and heartbreak.

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