Sugarland Matchmaking Service | 4 Signs You Found the One

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Dating isn’t necessarily easy for anyone. However, dating should get easier over time.  If you’ve learned your lessons along the way, then you’ve probably found that the people you date over time get better and better.

They are more appropriate and treat you with more respect than ones you used to date.  Looking at the big picture, there are several signs that let you know you might have found the one.  Let the best Sugarland matchmaking service, Houston Singles, show you telltale signs you’ve found the one.

  1. He Travels with You


Going on a vacation together is a huge step for couples.  It’s so easy for things to go wrong when you vacation together.  You can end up getting into silly fights over little things, you have to stick together and work out issues like finding your way in a new city, and you’ll probably end up feeling hungry, cranky, and jet lagged at some point during the trip.  But if a guy wants to travel with you, and you manage to get along just fine, consider him committed.  It means he’s willing to do some serious planning with you in order to ensure that you both have a great time.

  1. He Encourages You to Have Girls Nights


Some guys are very jealous when their partner spends time with her friends instead of spending time with them.  Isn’t that the worst? It’s not good for the relationship to be attached to each other 24/7.  Everyone needs their own space and their own group of friends too.

If a guy gets possessive over you and doesn’t want you to spend time with your girlfriends, he most likely has some insecurity issues, which means he’s not the right candidate to date.  But if a guy encourages you to spend time with your friends and to maintain your independence, It’s a really good sign.  It shows that he is totally comfortable spending time apart and trusts that you’re being honest with him.

  1. He Remembers the Little Things


It’s the little things that matter the most, right? When a guy knows what you need, right when you need it, it’s always a pleasant surprise.  Plus, anyone who takes the time to memorize little details about your life is usually a keeper.  It shows that he was paying attention when you were talking.

Now, everyone woman has her usually coffee order. Whether you like cappuccinos or macchiatos or you’re always craving cinnamon spiced lattes, you probably know your usual order by heart.  If a guy learns your usual order and surprises you with your favorite coffee from time to time, he is a keeper.

  1. He Makes Plans for The Future


This one is a major one.  A guy who is not committed to you will never make any future plans with you.  For example, he might make small comments about going to a certain restaurant one day or go on a road trip, but he will never make plans to do it.

But a guy who truly loves you and wants to be with you forever will have no problem making concrete plans with you.  He won’t hesitate to say that you should schedule something six months from today, or even suggest going to a vacation next year.  He obviously knows that he is going to be with you forever.  A guy who refuses to make real plans for the future is not a guy worth staying with!

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