Afton Oaks Dating | How to Date Someone with Trust Issues

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Trust issues come in all shapes and sizes. Some come from jealousy. Others make someone appear cold or distant. But all trust issues can easily be worked on. You just have to be patient with your partner and help them overcome their trust issues.

Where should you start?

The first step for helping a partner with trust issues is to be patient. There isn’t one clear cut thing you can say or do to help them overcome this fear. They likely have trust issues from someone in the past that hurt them and left them feeling shattered.

Although you are not the reason for their trust issues, you must earn their trust through actions and understanding. Being patient with someone with trust issues is essential. This will help your partner realize that you think they are worth the wait.

Today, our Afton Oaks dating experts here at Houston Singles are going to show you the best way to date someone with trust issues and help them overcome this challenge.

  1. Ask them what you can do.


Although staying calm and patient does help when you’re dating someone with trust issues, they are all driven by varying sources. Some people simply need time to develop trust. Others need someone to earn their trust.

Say something like, I know you have trust issues from a previous relationship, but is there anything I can do to help you? This lets your partner know you’re willing to take things slow but are there for them if they need you.

  1. Offer to talk about the problem.


Often, in order to understand why your partner is suffering from trust issues, you have to know the whole story. It may be difficult for them to express it. Although they are likely over the person who hurt them, the situation and act of betrayal has left scars on them.

But if you know what this person went through, you may be able to help them work through the issues now. Just know that by saying, “I would never do that to you” will put your partner at ease, but you must follow through. When it comes to those with trust issues, action is everything.

  1. Prove it rather than say it.


You may not understand why they still don’t trust you, even though you haven’t done anything to them. But remember that words mean nothing to someone with trust issues. They want to take your words to heart and believe you, but they’ve been duped by an ex before.

Rather than repeating your promises to them, prove your loyalty. Try not to cancel plans, and show up when you say you will. Offer to make your partner more comfortable in certain situations and actually do it for them. It may seem like you’re putting extra work in the relationship, but if you love your partner, then it’s worth it.

  1. Realize what they’ve been through.


Your frustration can start to get the best of you. You may think that you are doing so much to earn your partner’s trust and are not getting anywhere. You just need to remember that your partner has been betrayed before and it will take a lot of time for them to be able to fully trust again. When someone cheats on you, the pain can last a long time and carry on to the next relationship. So keep that in mind the next time you get angry with your partner or feel you’re exerting too much energy to gaining their trust.

Trust issues are often internal problems, so there is little you can do to help your partner overcome these problems. All you can hope for is that they will be able to trust again and be truly happy in the relationship with you.

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