Houston Matchmakers | 5 Heartfelt Ways to Apologize to Him

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All bad experiences give us the opportunity to find the silver lining, even when it comes to a fight with your boyfriend.  If you take the highroad and make an effort to take responsibility for your actions, you’ll see that your relationship can bloom and grow again.

All relationships in the world have fights and disagreements, but you need to learn to accept fault and know when and how to apologize when you do something wrong.  If you and your boyfriend had a fight recently, and it was your fault, then it’s time you learn how to effectively apologize to him.

Today, our Sugarland matchmakers will show you five heartfelt ways to apologize to your boyfriend and turn your mishap into a great thing.

1. Clean His House

This is only possible if you can.  If you don’t know his roommate, you don’t have a house key, or you don’t live together, then this might come off as a stalker-ish type of apology.  But if you have his key and are able to get into his house, then by all means go ahead and tidy up his place.  You can vacuum, sweep, dust, scrub, and take the trash out—the list goes on.  He will appreciate this kind gesture and forget whatever you did.

2. Buy Him Something Nice

If no one believes that money can buy happiness, then why do your eyes light up on Christmas morning when you get sight of the piles of presents?  This is why a gift is a great way to apologize to your guy.  Whether you buy him dinner at his favorite burger joint, get him the fishing rod he’s been eyeing up, or you pick up his favorite football team’s jersey, he’s going to appreciate.  Spending money on your boyfriend is a great way to make him feel cared for, particularly if it’s something you put thought into.  After all, nothing says I’m sorry like a kind gift.

3. Talk It Out

If you really want to apologize to your boyfriend, then there’s no better way to do it than by talking it out.  Why not try basic communication and tell him that you’re sorry for what you did?  Give him a heartfelt apology and let him know you’ll never do it again.  Remember to keep it sincere and personal and to admit your mistake.

4. Tell Him How Much He Means to You

Men are ego-driven.  They love to feel needed.  They want to feel like the providers.  If you want him to forgive you, then you need to make him feel needed.  Words of affirmation can go a long way here.  Tell him how much you appreciate it when he cleans the house, takes you out to eat, or surprises you with flowers.  This is going to make him forget about the silly fight you had.

5. Wash His Car

Most guys have a very tight relationship with their cars.  Some name them, others won’t let you eat in them, and some make you put a towel on the floor before you put your feet down.  Whatever it is, it’s boys and their toys.  If you want to apologize to your guy and show him that you’re sorry, put a little TLC into something you already know he loves.  Alternatively, get him a gift card for a car detailing place so he can take it himself.

Thank you for reading.  We hope you use one of these five effective and heartfelt apologies from our Sugarland matchmakers and make up with your boyfriend once and for all.

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