Houston Matchmakers Reveal Signs You Are Suffocating Him

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Find the perfect balance between the amount of free space he has and the amount of love you give him will make relationship better. Spending time apart from your boyfriend might seem like you don’t care for him at all but doesn’t work that way. You need to spend time apart doing your own things or else your risk smothering him. If you spend too much time together, he is going to be suffocated and want out.

One of the worst things a girlfriend can do is suffocate her boyfriend by taking too much of his time. If you don’t do the things you like because you want to spend every second with your boyfriend you risk destroying your relationship. Don’t invade his privacy and make him wish he was single again.

Today our Houston matchmakers are going to show you signs you are smothering your boyfriend.

The importance of respecting your boyfriend personal space


There are many blogs flooding the internet about the importance of respecting each other’s personal space. Everyone needs their own space to do the things they enjoy and if we don’t get our personal space we feel suffocated.

He might want to spend time working on his car on the garage, lifting weights at the gym or hanging out with his friends on the weekends.  It’s the modern day equivalent of a caveman going to his cave to hangout by himself.

Ladies, what you need to do is ensure your man gets his own personal space. Let him do the things he enjoys doing on his own without complaining or nagging him. You don’t have to be together 24 hours a day every day.

Houston matchmakers reveal signs you are smothering him


The more you smothered your boyfriend the more is going to wish he was single. It’s clear you don’t want that. If you have noticed your boyfriend is acting distant or has pulled away from you then you might be smothering him. The following list are signs you might be suffocating your boyfriend. Act now and change your ways before it’s too late.

  1. His body language tells you so.

Body language are a great way to read people without them having to say a word. There is no denying that if you are smothering him his body language is going to show.

What you need to be on the look for is his body’s reaction to feeling suffocated by you. Does he turn his feed away from you? Are his hips and legs facing away from you? Is he tense? This are all clear indicators he feels suffocated.

He might also refuse to look at your directions. If he frequently avoids eye contact with you, this could be a sign you are suffocating him and he is in need of his space.

  1. He is always in another room.

Does he spend most of his free time in the garage, doing chores or out of the house? Well, your friend might think you found the perfect boyfriend, but the truth is he is doing those things just to get away from you. Our Houston matchmakers know that this is something guys do when they feel suffocated.

Be honest here: is there a need to go to another room to be on the computer? Does he really have to go to the grocery store again? You might be suffocating him and he is looking to get away from you by doing things away from you.

  1. He ignores your phone calls.

You need to be a part at some point of your day, whether to go to work or run errands. Everyone has to have some type of liberty to do the things they need to do. but if you have noticed that he hasn’t answer all your phone calls or sending you to voice mail it might be because you are suffocating him.

If all of a sudden your phone calls stop being answered and your text messages are getting no replies, then it might be because he feels suffocated and needs time for himself.

  1. He is encouraging you to keep doing more things.

He is mentioning that you go see your friend Katie or grab drinks with your mother not because he really wants too but because he feels suffocated by you. Is he telling you to go to your office party or to go out more? Then you are suffocating him.

If you have noticed these encouraging words lately from your boyfriend is not because he is being loving and caring, he is doing it so you can go out with your friends and he can have some time for himself. He obviously wants to be left alone and do his own thing.

  1. Arguments are happening often.

The two of you never got into arguments but now they have become a norm. arguments are happening every day now. He is starting to snap at you for no reason, gripes and groans at your every request and responds to you in sarcastic way. It might hurt to see your boyfriend treat you this way but he is doing this because you are suffocating him.

Ladies, men need their personal space to do the things they enjoy and will start to get angry if they aren’t allowed to do those things. Although he loves you, he is going to start acting this way if you suffocate him.

Don’t despair ladies is time to give your boyfriend time to himself. Remember, that just like you he needs time to do all the things he enjoys doing without you breathing down his neck. It’s time to start giving your boyfriend his space, then stand back and watch your relationship take a turn for the best.