5 Reasons Your Dating Rut Can Help You Find Love in Texas

single wome in texas

Despite how it’s portrayed in the movies, the single life is not the most exciting thing in the world.  But nothing makes you hate being more than falling in to a dating rut.  You’ve been there many times in your dating life, more than you want to admit.  You’re moving along, living your life, going on dates, and while you haven’t met Prince Charming yet, you certainly believe he exists.  Then the rut sets in.  You go on many disastrous dates, you don’t have dates for weeks at time, or you never get past the first date.  You get rejected by so many men you lose count.  You never meet anyone you hit it off with.  Well, you’re still a wonderful woman who will eventually be a wonderful girlfriend, so don’t think it’s your fault.

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