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Dating should be exhilarating, spontaneous, and most importantly, enjoyable.  Everyone is guilty of making dating mistakes like falling for the wrong man or not remembering their manners on a first date, but today, our Houston dating service will give you some new dating rules to live by so you can find Mr. Right this year.

1. Don’t Solely Rely on Looks

Good looks might get your attention right away, but it’s his true personality that will win your heart.  Be honest with yourself if you’re falling for a man only because of his looks.  Don’t let Mr. Good Looks and his chiseled abs camouflage the imperfections and the way he treats you.  Good looks will never carry a bad personality.

2. Don’t Make Him a Priority If He Is Only Making You an Option

You deserve to be his only one, not one of many women.  You might have fallen head over heels for him, but if he doesn’t give you the attention you need, then he is not the one and you need to walk away.

3. Be Classy

If there is one thing our Houston dating service can tell you, it’s that being mysterious is much better than revealing.  A woman can never be too classy or ladylike.  Revealing a lot of flesh is a great way to get a man’s attention, but not the right kind of attention.  If you don’t know what to wear, never forget the secret weapon, which you already know is that beautiful black dress hanging in your closet.  Your clothes should be tight enough to show him that you’re a woman, but not so revealing that you’re not leaving anything to his imagination.

4. Don’t Think All Men Are the Same

All your exes might have shared similar traits, but that doesn’t mean the new man you’re dating will be the same.  Don’t assume things about men because of past experiences.  We encourage you to turn the negative into the positive.  If you have dated bad men in the past, it will make you more thankful for all the good ones that will come in the future.

5. Remember: If He Wants to, He Will Do it

If a man truly wants you, there is nothing that will keep him from you.  It shouldn’t matter if he has a busy schedule or there is distance between you, when there is a will, there is a way.  If he is always coming up with excuses or finding a way around things, then he is definitely not worth your time.

6. Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations about Hollywood Romance

If you want someone like Brad Pitt or George Clooney, you’re certainly setting the bar high for all the men you’re dating.  The truth is, many women hope for a Hollywood romance but seem to forget that Hollywood romances aren’t real.  Don’t turn a man down because he doesn’t confess his undying love in a handwritten letter or he doesn’t show up to your house in a limo when picking you up.  Of course romance is not dead, but it’s time to be realistic with the expectations you set for men.

7. Don’t Fall for Men Who Are Not Ready

You deserve a man who loves you, not someone who is playing with you.  Before you fully commit to someone, make sure they are 100% ready to commit to you too.  You can’t be with a man who is only giving you half of his heart.

8. Don’t Neglect Your Friends

Your friends were always there for you and will be there for you when your relationship ends.  Don’t neglect your friends because you are head over heels for a new man.  And always listen to their advice, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

9. Don’t Go after Men You Should Stay Away from

Every woman has been in this situation.  There is always that one man they can’t resist and most likely go back to him even though they know he is toxic.  Our Houston dating service doesn’t want you to be blinded by men who have hurt you in the past or come up with excuses for his behavior.  It’s not acceptable, and you deserve better than him.

10. If You Love Someone Let Them Know

Life goes so quick, and before you know it, you’ll be thinking back about the one who got away.  If you love someone, let them know; otherwise, get ready to watch someone else love them.  It’s better to be disappointed rather than wonder about the what ifs.

11. Don’t Trust a Liar

Trust is an essential element to a healthy relationship.  Whether it’s a friendship or a partner, without trust, everything is doomed.  If someone lies to you, always be cautious and don’t let your guard down.

12. Don’t Let a Man Define Who You Are

You shouldn’t feel like you need a man to complete you.  A relationship should enhance your life, not define it.  Remember that relationships require two independent individuals who complement each other.  Don’t lose who you are because of the man you’re dating.  If a man is trying to change you, then he isn’t the right one for you.

13. Don’t Date Unavailable Men

This includes men who are already in relationships, married, or womanizers.  Why date men with complications?  Why date men who are not ready for commitment when there are great men out there?  Never steal another woman’s man because if he cheated with you, then he is likely going to do the same to you.

14. Stop Looking, Enjoy Life, and Do the Things You Like Doing

The moment you stop looking for something is when you will find it, and this applies to love as well.  You should focus on all the things you enjoy doing.  Don’t base your happiness on being in a relationship; instead, start enjoying your life.  And believe us, love will surprise you.  So be patient and positive and everything will soon fall into place.

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