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So the two of you have been dating for a while, and he has finally suggested that it’s the perfect time for you to meet the parents.  You’ll be fine, they’re going to love you…  But will they really? Will they accept you and adore you the way your partner does?

If you are like most people, you have probably watched Robert De Niro’s Meet the Parents, and you know exactly how things played out for Ben Stiller.  We don’t want you to panic, though, because we have you covered.  Today, our Houston personal matchmakers here at Houston Singles will show you some simple steps to make meeting the parents run smoothly.

1. Bring a Small Gift

Our Houston personal matchmakers know a token or gesture will always go a long way, and it’s a great way to make a good impression with mom and dad.  Something like a bunch of flowers or specialty chocolates are always welcome.  Don’t go over the top with the gift though; something excessively lavish should be avoided for the first meeting.  Also, bringing alcohol might not be the right choice for the first meeting with them.

2. Dress to Impress

The clothes you wear will definitely leave a lasting impression on their parents, so think about what you’re going to wear in advance.  Think more of Jennifer Anniston rather than Miley Cyrus.  By no means should you wear ripped jeans, low cut tops exposing cleavage, and nothing that is too tight, too creased, or anything that reveals too much leg.  Smart casual is always the best, but lean towards more conservative.  You don’t want to dress like you’re going to a job interview, but at the same time, you need to be respectful and tasteful with the impression you leave on their parents.

3. Flatter Them

Tell them you love their house, that you noticed the beautiful Oriental rug they have in the hallway, and be sure to bond with Cookie, the family cat.  If you are allergic to cats, take a few antihistamines before you arrive at the house.  If Fido is trying to eat from your lap and bugging you while you’re sitting down, ignore him and just laugh it off.  Tell the parents they have a nice friendly dog.

4. Ask Them Questions

People enjoy talking about themselves, so if you want the conversation to keep on going, then you need to chat up the hosts and ask questions about their lives.  Ask them about their favorite hobbies, vacations, or stories about your partner when they were young.  Avoid anything too personal and steer clear of intimate topics, though.  If you know the topic will give grandma a heart attack, then steer clear of that one.

5. Offer Your Helping Hand

Just because they have invited you to their house doesn’t mean you can sit there and expect to be treated like royalty.  You need to offer your help the minute you arrive and make it known you glad to do whatever they need.  Whether it’s by helping prepare the food, set the table, serve drinks or helping to clear the dishes, don’t be shy.

If you’re clumsy and happen to break a wine glass, rather than sneakily hiding the evidence and blaming it on Cookie, the cat, just apologize for your mistake and offer to replace it.

6. Ask Them to Bring Out the Photo Album

Our Houston personal matchmakers know this one works wonders.  If there is something any mom loves doing, it’s embarrassing her little boy by bringing out the old family album.  But if you notice a birthmark you’ve seen before (one in an inconspicuous place), act as though you’ve never seen it.

7. Compliment Your Partner

“Well, now I can see where my boyfriend gets his charm” is always a good line to open up.  Be proud of your partner, and whether it’s his great cooking skills, his intelligence, or his caring nature, his parents will be thrilled by your nice compliments.

8. Avoid Touchy Feely Behaviors

There is a time and place for everything, and his parent’s house isn’t the place, trust us.  Don’t get tempted to play footsie under the dinner table because you might end up hitting dad instead of him.

Also, refrain from kissing him or doing other things in front of his parents.  Remember that it’s very awkward for them to see their son be affectionate with a new girlfriend.  Our expert advice is to always be respectful and keep your hands to yourself.

9. Don’t Talk about Your Exes

If you start talking about your exes, you’re not going to impress his parents.  They are going to worry that you have been around the block too many times for their son.  We want you to remain coy about your past experiences and concentrate on getting to know everyone there instead.

10. Don’t Consume Too Much Alcohol

Everyone knows that alcohol is a great way to gain courage, but when you are tripping over the chair leg, spilling wine on the table, and beginning to flirt with dad, you know you’ve gone too far.  Even if mom and dad are pounding wine like it’s going out of style, it doesn’t give you the right to do the same in front of them.  Save the wine pounding days for when you are with your close girlfriends.

11. Avoid Hot Topics

There are certain topics you need to avoid when meeting his parents.  These topics include religion, politics, earnings, or anything else that is too personal.  If his parents think differently about a subject than you do, laugh it off and change the subject.  But whatever you do, refrain from ranting or arguing in front of his parents.

12. Always Be Yourself

Don’t’ try to pretend to be someone you’re not.  Parents have been around the block and will see right through your act.  If you are putting on a fake accent or acting like an airhead, stop it.  The best thing you can do in front of them is to be yourself.  Oh, and don’t forget your manners.

So there you have it, ladies.  Who said meeting the parents was hard?  As long as you follow this guide from our Houston personal matchmakers, you’ll soon be mom and dad’s new favorite and your boyfriend will be proud to have you as his girlfriend.

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