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Houston SinglesStop wasting your time with the wrong people and let our Houston upscale matchmakers save you time and energy with inside dating tips to find the perfect partner.

The purpose of dating is to eventually find the perfect partner, the one to settle down with. But even when a date or relationship goes badly, our Houston upscale matchmakers know there is always something to be learned from it. And whether a breakup happens because of bad timing or incompatibility between partners, dating molds our preferences that will eventually lead to the perfect partner. Building these standards will take time. Here at Houston Singles Matchmaking Service, we understand that our elite clients are ready for us to weed through the incompatible candidates and jump right into dating suitable candidates to start a serious relationship with. For that specific reason, our Houston upscale matchmakers have some inside dating tips to help you find the right one.

Look Out for Red Flags

When venturing out into the dating world, it is very important to keep a keen eye for red flags. These are signals that indicate the person you’re dating might not be ready to commit to you or that they’re not right for a serious relationship. Major red flags could include heavy consumption of alcohol or drug dependencies. For instance, if your date asks you to meet them at a local bar and gets completely trashed while you’re there, this should be of major concern to you that they have an alcohol problem.

Then there are other red flags, ones that are a bit more subtle, causing many to overlook them. A prime example being commitment issues. Whether this person is always running late or is unresponsive when it comes to communication, it is very disrespectful of them to leave you waiting or hanging. If there is an issue with commitment, it’s better you find out sooner rather than later, before you get too wrapped up in them.

Finally, you also want to keep a keen eye for controlling, jealous, and possessive behaviors because our Houston upscale matchmakers know they are also major red flags.

A Happy Relationship
Opposite to a toxic relationship composed solely of red flags is a happy and successful relationship. When you’re dating, it is important to open up to your partner and communicate in an honest way. If you notice signs of support and easily communication, that is a great beginning.
In order to find a partner to settle down with, it is essential you look for qualities you desire in a long term relationship. Some of the best qualities to have in a relationship are communication, trust, loyalty, respect, and the ability to have fun with one another. Laughter is essential to a healthy relationship as it will de-stress you and keep you both feeling alive and young.

The Relationship Should Make You Feel at Ease

Ask yourself if being with this person makes you feel right. Rather than thinking about what other people want or believe makes the perfect partner, ask yourself if this partner is what you are looking for. Your judgement must be based on how you feel rather than be influenced by other people. The relationship should make you feel at ease, allowing you to naturally communicate your feelings. If obstacles or certain things are preventing you from communicating well, this could be a sign this relationship isn’t right for you. Again, a happy relationship should make both partners feel at ease. If the relationship has more stressors than relievers, our Houston upscale matchmakers know this is a major indicator of incompatibility.

There Is Balance

When looking for the one, you must find someone you can be playful and serious with. There needs to be the right balance of those two emotions. This means you need to find a partner you can share fun moments with and one you can sit down and get serious with.

In addition to this, you must find a partner you share similarities and differences with. While some people will argue that opposites attract, our Houston upscale matchmakers don’t stand for that. We believe it’s important to have the same core values, morals, and beliefs in order to create a successful relationship. Of course having a few differences is okay as they allow for teaching each other new things. A few differences can also bring new perspective into the relationship. For a truly successful relationship, the main thing is to find balance.

On your next romantic outing, we want you to take a dinner and/or coffee date into consideration. Dinner dates are great because you can really get to know someone in that amount of time and figure out if you are compatible with them. Finding love in a big city like Houston can definitely take a lot of time (and who are we kidding, energy), which is why our expert matchmakers want to help you save your precious time by narrowing down the search and only introducing you to like-minded individuals who share the same core values and beliefs as you.

For many singles, it is easy to find a date, but for some, due to lack of time or lack of opportunities, it’s difficult to find quality dates. Dating takes a lot of time, especially when looking for someone serious. We know, we’ve been in the business for over twenty-five years and are the experts at connecting compatible singles.

Our Houston upscale matchmakers act as love recruiters. We go through the hard process of searching and vetting candidates and only introduce you to people we believe will be compatible for a lifelong companionship rather than a quick fling. So why not give us a try? We are confident we can help you find that special someone!


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