Tips from Houston Personal Matchmakers: How to Spot a Player

Are you currently dating a guy but unsure if he’s a player?  Today, our Houston personal matchmaking specialists here at Houston Singles Dating ServiHouston Singles Dating Advicece review the telltale signs he’s a heartbreaker.

Players and cheaters- most women have had the unfortunate experience of meeting at least one of them and are doing whatever it takes to avoid them in the future.  But just because you get ready for a rainy day with an umbrella doesn’t mean you won’t get wet anyway.

Players often disguise themselves as honest gentlemen; men who do nothing but treat you right and give you the respect you deserve.  But the minute you let your guard down and allow one into your life, you may get that nagging little suspicion that something just isn’t quite right.  And before you know it, you have been played, dumped, and had your heart stomped on.

How to Stop a Player from Playing You

Spotting a player is just a matter of keeping an eye out for the telltale signs.  Today, our Houston personal matchmaking specialists will review how to stop a player from playing you.

  1. Those Wandering Eyes

You don’t have to be dating a man to tell he is a player.  If you are working out at the gym and notice a guy checking out every woman’s behind as he walks past the treadmills, then you know he’s a player.  You know those guys who walk up to every woman they see and introduce themselves?  Well, guess what, they are players too.  Did you ever notice a guy checking out every woman, and even turning around to get a second chance, while with his girlfriend?  Yeah, that is a player too.

The point is, if you have any type of connection that is more than just friends and you catch him checking out other women in front of you, don’t waste your time with him.  If he is already staring at women in front of you, imagine what he will do behind your back.

  1. Parents Can’t Get Enough of Him

If you’re talking to a man who tells you parents just love him, then you should immediately know he is saying all the perfect things parents want to hear.  A man who tells you parents love him is a man who knows all the right things to say at the right time.

It should sound alarm bells in your head and make you wonder why he has to affirm so much.  The mere fact he has to prove how much he is loved should be a signal there is something brewing under the surface.

  1. He Tunes You In & Out

Have you been talking to a man who calls you all the time but drops off the earth out of nowhere and never responds to your calls?  Don’t think you must continuing check up on him or send him text messages wondering what he is up to.  He’s not busy, he hasn’t been abducted by aliens, and he isn’t facing a life emergency.  He is just not responding to you because he is either with another woman or out looking for one.  Our Houston personal matchmaking specialists know players are known for keeping their options open and have a hard time committing to just one woman.

  1. Plugging Away Quickly

It’s one thing when you feel that you’re falling for someone, but it’s another thing to say those three magic words.  If you have been dating this man or have just started talking to him and he already tells you he is deeply in love with you, wants to marry you, or can’t wait to have children with you, then you most likely have a player on your hands.  Just like anything in life, if something seems too good to be true, it’s because it probably is.  Don’t give yourself up to the man who whispers sweet nothings in your ear, especially if it’s just the first few weeks of dating.  Players know they can use those sweet words to get what they want.

  1. History of Cheating

Everyone knows the famous saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”  If you have recently started dating a man and you know firsthand that he has cheated before, then there is a high probability he is going to cheat again.  If you happen to be the woman he cheated with, then be warned that he’s likely going to cheat on you too.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and acts like a duck, then it’s a duck.

  1. No Acceptance on Social Media

If you’re dating a man who tells you he never accepts the woman he dates on social media, he rarely uses his account, or that he doesn’t accept tagged photos, then be weary.  If you’re dating a man who truly likes you, we can assure you that he will have no problem being friends with you on social media.  After all, social media makes communication much easier.  If you spot him changing his profile picture, despite the fact that he told you he never signs into his social media accounts, then our Houston personal matchmaking specialists know this is a red flag for you to watch out for.

  1. Unsure of Plans

If every time you ask him to make plans to grab dinner or spend time together he responds with “I’m not sure I can,” “maybe,” or “I’ll see,” then you’re dating a player.  Players don’t want to be tied up to dates because they have other women who also want to hang out with them.  He is unsure of what those dates will bring and wants to keep his options open.  Players don’t like to make commitments of any kind.

Getting played hurts.  It’s better to learn the telltale signs early on before you give your heart to someone.  Use these helpful warning signs from our Houston personal matchmakers to spot a player before he does any real damage to you.

If you’re tired of meeting the wrong guys, contact our professional matchmakers here at Houston Singles and let us introduce you to quality men who are ready and looking for a committed relationship.