14 Signs You’ve Found Mr. Right with Houston Matchmakers

Every woman dreams of one day finding their Mr.Dallas Fort Worth Singles Right. Get ready as our Houston love coaches here at Houston Singles Dating Service review the signs you found your Prince Charming.

Every woman dreams of one day finding their ideal partner, a man who will complement her and be by her side for everything.  And while you might not believe in the idea of a perfect partner, there is definitely a right partner for you.  If you’re in a relationship with a man and want to know if he’s the one, there are many signs you can look for that will tell you he’s the right one for you (a keeper), a man you should never let go.

  1. The Physical Chemistry Is Fabulous

The physical chemistry between you is so good that friends and family members have commented on the two of you being so wonderful together.  There is absolutely no guessing or wondering if there is something between the two of you.  Just the simple act of holding hands makes you happy in the heart, even after many months of being together.

  1. He Shows a Lot of Interest in You

He inquires about you, he wants to find out all about your hopes and dreams, and even asks about little things, such as how you day went.  He shows genuine interest in you because he wants to be a part of your life.  You are very comfortable around him and don’t mind telling him anything because you trust him with all your heart.

  1. He Makes You Feel Loved & Secure

He tells you he loves you on a daily basis, but it doesn’t end there because his actions all back his words.  He takes you out on romantic dinner dates, prepares meals for you at home, and even takes care of you when you are ill.  You feel his home is your home, and he always makes you feel secure.

  1. He Gives You the Space You Need

He doesn’t show any interest in controlling your life.  He lets you wear the things you like, encourages you to pursue your own hobbies and interests, and wants you to spend time with your friends and family.  Our Houston love coaches know that if he knows how valuable ‘me’ time is and lets you have your own time whenever you need it, you have yourself a keeper.

  1. He Remembers Small Details about You

He remembers all the little secrets you told him when you first started dating.  He knows how you twirl your hair when you are nervous, as well as important milestones in life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  He remembers everything you ever told him about yourself and cherishes those memories.

  1. He Makes You Laugh

He has a thing for making you laugh.  He knows the things you find funny and goes out of his way, even if it means making a fool of himself by dancing, singing, or cracking those funny jokes you love.  People don’t understand what goes on between you two, but to you, it’s so funny and means so much.  When you are in his company, you always have a good time, regardless of what you are doing.

  1. He Doesn’t Keep Secrets in the Relationship

He is an open book when it comes to you, even on sensitive issues, such as his ex reaching out to him.  He doesn’t mind telling you because he trusts you.  He trusts and loves you so much that he would never cheat on you or betray you in any way.  And you trust him the same way too.

  1. He Has Similar Goals as You

While the two of you might not agree on every single little thing, you’re on the same page when it comes to the important things.  For example, the two of you want a long term relationship, a house in the outskirts, children, and to travel the world after retiring.  If your overall goals and ambitions are pretty much on the same track, our Houston love coaches know you have the potential for a long future together.

  1. He Knows How to Fight

He never turns to violence or abuse when arguing with you.  This means you can tell him exactly how you feel without fear of him calling you names or flying off the handle.  He can criticize and correct you without having to belittle you, and our Houston love coaches know this is a major sign he’s the right one for you.

  1. He’s Changed to Be a Better Person

He has changed things about himself that you always wanted him to and has become a better partner for you overall.  Maybe he gave up smoking or drinking because he knew it bothered you, or perhaps he started incorporating health and fitness into his life.

  1. He Has Changed You for the Better

He has encouraged you to change things about yourself to become a better person.  Maybe he encouraged you to eat healthy and work out regularly or motivated you to go back to school.  His presence in your life has influenced you in a positive way.

  1. He Likes Your Family

Our Houston love coaches know this is great, and it’s even better if your family likes him.  Even though the relationship with your in-laws doesn’t determine the fate of your relationship, it sure makes a better ride when each of your families approves of the other.

  1. Your Family & Friends Like Him

Your parents have known you since the day you were born and have always wanted the best for you.  They want the best for their child and want you to be with a man who is a good boyfriend.  If your friends and family members like him, then that’s an indication that you have a good man by your side.

  1. You Know You’re Going to Marry Him

Despite everything the two of you have been through together, you know in your heart that this man is meant to be with you for the rest of your life.  You would marry him in a heartbeat because you’ve found Mr. Right, your Prince Charming, he is everything you expected in a man and more.

If you read this article and realized you have yourself a keeper, congrats to you on finding your Prince Charming.

If you’re single and searching for the one, contact our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service and let us be the ones to introduce you!