Houston Elite Matchmakers on the Top 8 Things Women Love in a Relationship

Houston SinglesReady to figure out what women want in a relationship?  Find out as our Houston elite matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service review the things women love most in a relationship.

We are pretty sure you know what the five love languages are.  Quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, and gift receiving.  Everyone has different love languages, and everyone craves something different in a relationship.  What love language does your partner speak?

Besides the five love languages that apply to both sexes, our Houston elite matchmakers know women want different things when they’re in a relationship.  Today, our dating and relationship experts here at Houston Singles will show you the top things women desire, things that will keep the romance alive for years to come.

  1. Quality Time

Most couples spend a lot of time together, especially during the first few months of dating, aka, the honeymoon phase.  But how much of that is really quality time?  Quality time isn’t just about being next to each other.  Quality time is time set aside to give each other your undivided attention, do things together without any type of distraction or interruption—yes, this means putting your cell phones away and not engaging in any other tasks during this time.

  1. Spontaneity & Gifts

This is the fire to a relationship. It’s what keeps it fresh and exciting.  This is what can make women look forward to seeing you and being with you.  Surprise her with an impromptu vacation for the weekend; hide sweet little notes in her purse; give her flowers for no special occasion; tell her to get dressed immediately because you have a table for two reserved at the fanciest restaurant in town.  Such sweet gestures will surely make a woman feel appreciated and excited.

  1. Consistency in Your Game

We have heard so many stories about Prince Charming for the first few months of the relationship—until things got serious and Prince Charming rode away.  Actually Prince Charming was never Prince Charming to begin with—he was a big façade.  Romance and courtship should not just be reserved for the honeymoon phase of the relationship, nor should it fade away with time.  Our Houston elite matchmakers want you to increase the romance as the relationship gets older because this is what women really want in a relationship.

  1. To Understand Her Language

Men and women speak two different languages when it comes to relationships, which can be very frustrating to understand.  For example, when a woman says she’s fine, while pretending to have a smile, 90% of the time she’s doing it as a test to see if you can really understand her and figure out what’s bothering her.  If you don’t understand your woman, you’re going to end up in big trouble.

It takes practice and a lot of experience to truly understand your woman’s language.  Get to know your woman well and you will be able to read her like the back of your hand, which will pay off greatly in the end.

When a woman says, “Have fun with the guys,” abort mission, abort mission!  She is likely going to have an earful for you when you walk in the door afterwards.

  1. Laughter & Fun

When it comes to getting a woman’s attention and keeping it, manners are important, good looks are a bonus, but a good sense of humor is a MUST.  Having a great sense of humor is not only important for enjoying each other’s company, but our Houston elite matchmakers know it also helps when facing challenging times in a relationship.  Just make sure you don’t make jokes when they’re not appropriate.

  1. To Be Praised & to Feel Beautiful

Not every woman is born physically attractive, and even those who are will feel inferior here and there.  Why?  Because there is always someone more beautiful out there, and because society has different standards of beauty.  We all know that inner beauty should be more important than outer appearances, but let’s face it, we’re all humans and visual creatures.  People tend to feel better when they look good.

Let your woman know she is beautiful in your eyes, no matter what she is doing.  Tell her she looks good right when she wakes up in the morning; compliment her on her new hairstyle; tell her how perfect she looks when she cooks.  This will show her how much you pay attention to her.  And, no, we’re not asking you to lie either because you should definitely see the beauty in your woman.

  1. To Be Heard

When your woman goes on one of her rants, it doesn’t mean she’s complaining or whining about every single little thing.  And she doesn’t want you to shut her off in the middle of it.  She is probably already feeling vulnerable, and the last thing she needs is for you to misunderstand her.  All your woman wants from you is to acknowledge what she is saying and to respond accordingly.  Sometimes, you don’t even have to say a word because all she wants to do is vent.

  1. To Be Your Princess

Every man strives to be their woman’s hero, and likewise, women want to be their man’s princess.  This doesn’t mean you must come home every day with a gift or take her out to eat every afternoon.  It’s about treating her the right way, making her feel that she is yours and only yours.

Give her exclusive pet names; show her off to your friends and family and be proud of her; draw the line when your female friends get too close to you so your woman feels secure.

Your woman most likely fell in love with you because you displayed the types of acts mentioned above, and if you stop doing them, she will begin to feel like something is missing in the relationship.  Don’t do things you cannot continue to do for the life of the relationship.  Do these things forever.

If you are single and looking for an attractive and relationship-minded woman to date, contact our Houston elite matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service today and get started on your quest of finding love.