Top Matchmakers in Houston – 10 Warning Signs He’s Emotionally Immature

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Most men have a childish side to them and like to play around like a big kid once in a while, but some guys take it to the extreme, which is not good for dating and relationships.  At first, you might have found his immaturity to be funny, and even appealing, but believe us when we tell you that the clowning around and hijinks can wear off pretty quickly and leave you feeling exhausted.

From our experience in the Houston matchmaking scene, we know that an immature man is not the type of guy you want for a long term and serious relationship.  They don’t take life seriously, not at all.  Today, our expert matchmakers in Houston will show you the telltale signs to look for that will tell you the man you’re dating is immature.  If you notice a handful of them, run—run in the opposite direction!

  1. Immature Men Don’t Like to Be Depended On

One of the most obvious signs the man you’re dating is immature is if he dislikes that you or anyone else depend on him.  When things go downhill, the immature man will not be there to extend a hand or help you out.  He will do whatever it takes to avoid being the person people depend on, including you, the one who should be able to rely on him most.  He would rather bury any problem that comes up, in hopes that it will completely disappear so he doesn’t have to deal with it.

  1. He Can’t Have a Serious Conversation

Another sign that the man you’re dating is immature and has a lot of growing up to do, is if he is not be able to have a smart conversation with you.  Communication will not be one of his strongest skills.  He would rather make a joke of things and move onto something funny and light.

  1. He Has Never Had a Real Girlfriend

The next one is pretty obvious.  An immature man has never had a real or meaningful relationship in the past, and this spells trouble for you.  Since having a previous relationship means learning how to compromise, amongst a lot of other things. If he has never had a real girlfriend, it means he has no clue how to have a serious relationship.  Our expert matchmakers in Houston encourage you to think twice before dating a man like this.

  1. Immature Men Have No Clue What’s Coming in the Future

If the man you’re dating is immature, then it’s quite likely that he has no idea what he plans on doing tomorrow, let alone in the future.  For him, living day by day is awesome.  Mature men have a very clear understanding of where they see themselves ten years from now, but an immature man will have no idea what he’ll even have for lunch—watch out!

  1. You’re Only His Girlfriend When It Works for Him

If your man only goes out with you when it fits into his schedule, and he seems to cancel plans with you whenever something better comes up with his friends, then this is a clear sign he has a lot of growing up to do.  A mature man will show you how committed he is by putting you at the top of his priorities and keeping his word.

  1. Immature Men Never Make Up Their Minds

Another sign that the man you’re dating is immature, besides the fact that he can’t commit, is his inability to make decisions.  If this is the case, you’ll probably find that you are always the one making the decisions in the relationship.  Whether it’s what to eat, what to watch, or what to do, the decision making is always on you.  An immature man loves being treated like a kid and is happy to let someone else make all the decisions.

  1. He Can’t Hold a Job for Long

An immature man will find it very hard to hold a serious job, meaning he likely jumps from job to job all the time.  And there are probably a few times when he had none at all.  He thinks devoting his time to a job is boring, and getting up early in the morning is not for him either.  Nothing says ‘run’ quite like this one.

  1. Nothing Will Ever Be His Fault

This one is pretty obvious, and it’s one of the clearest signs of an immature man.  Just like he was a kid when he would blame everything on someone else, now that he’s older, he’s sticking to that strategy.  He is never responsible for his actions, and you’ll certainly never hear an apology come out of his mouth.  He will always come up with an excuse and point his finger at someone else, just like when he was a little boy with chocolate all over his hands.

  1. Immature Men Are Very Spiteful

Another trait of an immature man is being spiteful to those around him.  He might not mean to be hurtful to you, but he is not mature enough to see that the things he does are selfish and ignorant.  If a man was serious about you, and really loved you, he would never do anything that would hurt you.  An immature man, on the other hand, will never take things seriously and never knows when his actions are unacceptable.

  1. Immature Men Eat Poorly

You can always tell that the man you’re dating is immature by quickly reviewing his grocery shopping list.  Mr. Man-Child is likely to love junk food, such as frozen pizza, ramen noodles, chips, and of course, beer.  To him, the sophisticated thing to do is drink beer from a glass.  Fine dining and upscale restaurants are out of the picture for him, so when you date an immature man, the only restaurant you’ll likely go to is a chain.

Are you sick and tired of dating an immature guy?  Would you like to meet a mature and responsible man who is eager to fall in love?  We know you do, so why not leave that immature man in the past and contact one of our expert matchmakers in Houston today to get started.  Don’t waste another day with him when you can have someone who is mature and emotionally available today!