Houston Upscale Matchmakers Teach You to Let Go of 1st Date Nerves

iStock_000020625110_SmallIt is natural to be nervous when going out on a first date.  After all, first dates are the only chance you have to make a great lasting impression.  Since first dates are so critical for romantic success, people get uptight.  First date jitters translate to behaving nervously, which is not something your date is going to find attractive.  So how do you fix this nervous behavior?  How do you let go of the first date jitters?  Don’t worry, Houston upscale matchmakers have been coaching singles for over 25 years and know how to help you beat those first date nerves so you can have fun and be yourself on your first date.  Let our Houston upscale matchmakers guide you through some helpful steps to have a successful first date with no anxieties.

  1. Work Out

If you have time before your date, try to get a good workout in.  Exercising has many benefits that will help you beat your first date nerves.  Getting a good workout in before your date will release the feel good endorphins you need for a healthy glow on your first date.  These feel good hormones will help you remain calm, with no stress.  When you are calm, you will look more confident and come off as approachable, which is something you want your date to believe you are.

  1. Practice Until Perfection

Successful daters know this method works.  Come up with a few icebreakers to use on your date to beat those first date jitters and awkward silences.  The goal is to keep the conversation flowing as naturally as possible, which will ensure you give your date a good impression.  Try not to appear as though you have rehearsed the whole conversation; keep it from sounding scripted.

  1. Call a Friend

Send photos of what you plan on wearing on your date to a friend and ask them what they think about it.  Getting positive feedback from them will surely boost your confidence.  And if you’re still feeling very nervous, call a friend and talk to them so they can put your nerves at ease and give you a bit of a pep talk.

  1. Think About a Bad Date You’ve Been On

Nothing could be worse than that date, right?  Remember it, the worst date of your entire life?  Thinking about this horrible date you had in the past, will help you realize there is nothing worse that can happen and that only good things can come now.  If you have already handled bad dating situations in the past, then you can handle it all—you are an expert dater now!

  1. Play Some Jams

Get yourself pumped up before your date by listening to some upbeat and cheerful songs.  Whatever music you’re into, create a playlist and play it an hour before your date.  If you have the skills, then go ahead and dance your fears away in the living room and arrive to your first date feeling like a rock star.

  1. Think About the Script

You know what’s scaring you?  It’s not your first date but rather the idea of meeting someone new for the first time.  You have already gone on many dates before and know that you can be successful.  Try rephrasing your internal dialogue so you can get excited about meeting a new man or woman or trying a new restaurant or whatever activity you have chosen for your date.  You can even downgrade the experience so you’re more calm and relaxed.  Don’t think of it as a first date but rather like going out with an old friend.  This will take the pressure off right away and help you make a better impression on them.

  1. Create a Mantra

While we are discussing internal dialogues, you need to find a phrase that helps you relax and repeat it to yourself every time you feel those nerves creeping up.  Whether your mantra is taking deep breaths or giving yourself words of affirmation, make sure you have a mantra and use it throughout your date.

  1. Have an Exit Plan Prepared

A lot of daters experience anxiety because they have no idea how to end the date.  Do they hug or move in for a kiss?  What if the date wants to continue on, should you take things somewhere else, such as the local coffee shop or dessert bar?  When two people hit it off, sometimes they want to make plans right after the date, while others simply say a rehearsed line and walk away.  But the best thing you can do is have a plan prepared.  Pick a plan and stick to it.

  1. Come Up with Reasons You Love Yourself

We all have egos and one way to boost yours is by telling yourself all the things that make you a great catch.  Whether it’s your fun personality, your kind heart, or your great communication skills, tell yourself that you will make someone happy one day and start believing it.  Soon, we know you’ll appear confident and ready to rock your first date.

These are nine great first date tips from our Houston upscale matchmakers to help you beat those annoying first date nerves.  One thing we can tell you here is that you should never rely on alcohol to help you beat those nerves.  Do not drink or do shots before the date.  It’s okay to have a glass of wine or champagne on your date, but if you arrive to your date already smelling like a booze hound, your date will immediately think you have a drinking problem, which is a BIG red flag in the dating world!  Most dates will involve driving and your date will think you’re irresponsible.  Not only is drinking and driving unattractive, but it’s also very dangerous—and illegal too.  Stay safe and be confident by using our nine steps to beat your first date nerves.

If you’re not meeting the right singles on your own, or you need a little expert dating coaching to help you achieve romantic success, contact our dating and matchmaking experts here at Houston Singles today and let us find the love you deserve!