Houston Upscale Matchmakers – Things to Do Before Getting Married

So you found the partner of your dreams, the one you’ll walk down the aisle with.  But Houston upscale matchmakers have one question for you: are you really ready for what lies ahead, such a life changing step?  Marriage is the biggest commitment in life, one you cannot backtrack from.  Have you done everything you’ve always wanted to do in life?  Have you accomplished all your own hopes and dreams?


When you’re in a serious relationship, the next step is getting married—and there is no denying that making that decision requires a lot of thinking.  It will be a life changing experience, and the last thing you want to do is get married without having experienced life to the fullest.  As lonely as it might feel if you’re single today, being single can provide you with some of the best times of your life.

Even if you already know you’ve found your Mr. or Mrs. Right, there is no reason you can’t experience some of the life experiences our Houston upscale matchmakers bring you today.

Things to Do Before Getting Married

If you haven’t already done so, here are the top things one should experience before settling down and getting married.

1. Date a Lot

Now, why do you think we advise you to date a lot?  Because our Houston upscale matchmakers know that dating different people will teach you different lessons.  For example, you’ll learn a thing or two about the things you like and don’t like.  It will also teach you how to zone into the right partners and what qualities are truly important to you.

2. Meet Strangers

It could be that good looking guy at the gym or that attractive lady you see grabbing coffee every morning at the local coffee shop.  It doesn’t matter who it is, you need to strike up conversation with strangers.  Doing so will build up your confidence and give you the skills you need to communicate well, which is essential to the success of a marriage.

3. Travel More

As important as it is to go on trips with your partner, you also want to experience some traveling alone.  It is very different than going on a romantic getaway—it is unlike any other experience.  You’ll have the chance to learn more about other cultures, different ways of life, and you’ll get to meet different people and explore new sides of yourself.

4. Have Fun with Your Friends

Of course once you get married you can still hang out with your friends, but it’s likely that you’ll devote most of your free time to your partner and hobbies and interests.  Be sure to spend a lot of time with your friends, especially if you’re single today.  These are the people who will be by your side during difficult times, so invest in their friendship.

5. Accomplish Career Goals

Everyone knows a woman or guy who quit their job, switched careers, or stopped trying to work their way up the ladder once they got married, even if that’s not what they wanted to do.  Before getting married, we encourage you to accomplish your career goals and achieve as much as you can in all aspects of life.  If you’re single, these are the best years for you to move up the career ladder.  Once people get married they often stop working on their own personal life goals.

6. Fall in Love

Before getting married, we want you to fall in love, experience a breakup, and never be afraid to date again.  As terrible as breakups are, they teach you valuable lessons.  Our Houston upscale matchmakers know that each breakup makes you stronger, wiser, and more knowledgeable about relationships.

7. Live by Yourself

Living alone is one of the most satisfying things you can do for yourself.  You get to live in your own space, set your own rules, and do as you want.  Your home is a reflection of who you are, so think of it as an open canvas.  You will also learn valuable lessons and become more responsible by living alone.

8. Check Your Account

You need to be in control of your finances before getting married.  If you can’t live independently, then you’re not ready to get married.  Although marriage is all about teamwork, you do need to know how to make good decisions and survive on your own.

9. Love Yourself to the Fullest

You shouldn’t commit to a partner unless you love yourself 100% first.  If there is something about yourself you don’t like, now is the time to fix it.  Don’t be afraid to become the best version you can be.

10. Learn New Hobbies

Now is the ideal time to discover interests and hobbies.  Whether it be rock climbing, hot yoga sessions, or golfing, make sure you have hobbies and interests that shape you as an individual and bring you joy.

11. Get the Party Out of Your System

Your partner might be the coolest partner in the world, but once you’re married, those single nights out on the town come to a screeching halt.  Marriage comes with a lot of everyday responsibilities and all serious relationships require patience, dedication, and efforts.  Make sure you’re fully ready to leave your single days behind and commit to your partner for life.

12. Enjoy Alone Time

Don’t be afraid to do things by yourself.  Whether it’s traveling around France or going hiking in the mountains, make sure you experience things on your own.

13. Spend Time with the Pros

Your married friends, your parents, and coworkers are some of the best teachers for you.  Speak to them about married life.  They will all have something different to teach you.  Even if it’s during passing conversation, make sure you take something valuable from it.

Getting married and settling down is no joke and not something you want to jump into too soon.  You never want to look back on life with regrets.  Our Houston upscale matchmakers encourage you to squeeze everything you can out of life.

If you’re single and searching for a life partner, contact our expert matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service.  Let us introduce you to your Mr. or Mrs. Right!