Houston Upscale Matchmakers – Challenges of Dating a Gorgeous Woman

Some men are lucky enough to score a gorgeous girlfriend and know how to keep the relationship alive and happy and healthy.  But our Houston upscale matchmakers know there are some men who get nervous and end up destroying the relationship.

We see this all the time in the dating world.  Many men just don’t know how to behave in the presence of a good looking woman.  The get stressed, fidgety, and jealous, and ultimately ruin what could have been a long lasting and wonderful relationship.

There are too many men out there who screw up wonderful relationships because they don’t know how to deal with their girlfriend’s beauty.  But our Houston upscale matchmaker know there is no excuse for this bad behavior.  Regardless if it comes from jealousy or insecurity, you need to stop it.  Your girlfriend’s beauty is something you should show off, not something you’re jealous and insecure about.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we help very attractive and good looking singles develop serious and meaningful relationship and we’ll share some of our expertise with you today.

How to Deal with a Gorgeous Girlfriend

It is not rocket science; in fact, it’s very simple.  You should feel happy and proud to have such a good looking girlfriend.  However, we understand how difficult it might be, which is why our Houston upscale matchmakers have come up with relationship tips to help you overcome the challenges of dating a very attractive woman.

1. Appreciate Her Beauty

Seriously, why waste your time being insecure and jealous?  You should appreciate your girlfriend’s beauty instead of letting it make you feel insecure.  She doesn’t get ready to impress other men—she gets ready to look good for you.

Get your head straight and learn to appreciate her looks.  Don’t be jealous or insecure; instead, welcome the love and happiness.  Be happy she’s with you and that she’s chosen you to be her one and only.

2. Realize She’s Looking at You

It might be hard not to get jealous when other men are always looking at your gorgeous girlfriend, but who is she looking at?  Just because guys are checking her out doesn’t mean she is straying from the relationship.

If you start paying attention to her instead of the guys looking at her, we’re willing to bet she’s concentrating on the two of you and the time you’re spending together.  She’s enjoying time with you instead of worrying about everyone else in the bar or restaurant.

3. Address Your Insecurities

If you’re getting angry or becoming jealous when men look at your woman, it might have more to do with you than your woman’s good looks.  You might have deeper problems under the surface, including self-esteem issues.  Perhaps you feel like you’re not good enough for her, causing you to get jealous.

Don’t think you can just sweep these issues under the rug here.  If you want to make your relationship successful, you need to work on your personal problems and learn how to overcome them.  The last thing you want to do after landing your beautiful girlfriend is lose her because of your insecurity issues.

4. Talk to Her

Odds are she has no idea other men are looking at her.  And if she does know, she probably doesn’t care about them.  If find yourself getting jealous for no fault of her own, talk to her and let her know what’s going on and why you’re feeling this way.  Once you talk to her about it, you’ll feel secure when she tells you that she only has eyes for you.  This will reassure you and put your insecurities at bay.

5. Stop Looking at Them

It might be hard to do, especially if they’re blatantly checking her out, but if you can, try to avoid looking at them—simply ignore them.  Men will be men, but you don’t have to feed into it.

Honestly, if your girlfriend is hot enough to turn so many heads, you should pat yourself on the back.  Ignore them, move on, and enjoy the time you have with your wonderful girlfriend.

6. She Makes You Look Good

Having a good looking girlfriend means you look good too.  Realize that her good looks are improving yours as well.  All those men and women who are checking her out, are also checking you out.  After all, they want to know how you got her.  Oh, and they’re a little jealous too.

7. It’s Not Always Good for Her

Believe us when we tell you this one.  It can be a bit annoying for your girlfriend to have men blatantly checking her out all the time.  She might even find it downright disgusting.  It is not easy for a woman to deal with gawking guys, so don’t add jealousy and insecurities to the equation.  Don’t make your woman wish she would have stayed home instead of spending a great evening with you.

8. Never Change Her

Dealing with a gorgeous girlfriend turning heads will be difficult, but our Houston upscale matchmakers warn you that the worst thing you can do is try to change her.  Never tell her not to wear this or not to wear that.  Let her do what she wants, just like when you met her.  Your girlfriend will be hurt if you don’t trust her judgement and resentment will set in.

9. Have Trust in Her

The most important element in any relationship is trust.  Remember that she has chosen you to be her partner, and no matter how many men are looking at her, she wants to be with you.  You need to trust her if you want to maintain a healthy relationship.

She doesn’t want to run around with every man that is looking at her.  She doesn’t care about those guys gawking at her.  Our Houston upscale matchmakers want you to learn to trust your woman and put your jealousy and insecurities aside.  Without trust, you’re bound to ruin your relationship—bottom line.

Dealing with the challenges of dating a gorgeous woman can be tough, and it will surely test you at times.  Just remember that those men checking out your woman only wish to have a woman like you do.  Don’t take it to heart or let it get to you.  Luckily for you, you have a great woman, someone who is beautiful on the inside and out, so don’t let your insecurities and jealousy destroy something great.

If you want to meet beautiful single women in Houston, contact our Houston upscale matchmakers today so we can customize a personal dating plan and hand-select introductions for you.