Houston Matchmakers Reveal the Signs of a Great 1st Date

First dates can be very confusing to figure out.  But here at Houston Singles, that’s what we like about first dates—it’s the unknown.  When you think about it, first dates are like Russian roulette.  You could end up winning big in the love department and find the right partner, someone who is perfect for your life—or, well, you could end up with a bad date you tell all your gal pals about over happy hour.

Today, our Houston matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service will review the signs of a great first date—before it starts and while you’re out.

1. He Makes the Plans

A good guy will make the plans and arrange everything before the day of the date.  An organized man will let you know where you’ll be going, what time, and what you’ll be doing, well in advance.  There is no wondering where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing, or what time you’ll be meeting up.  You won’t have to wonder if you can wear heels because you already know everything ahead of time.  A relationship-minded man will have it together and make plans in advance.  If you have this going before the date, then you’re on your way to a great date with him.

2. He Checks with You

It’s go-day.  He has already called or texted you throughout the day to ensure the plans are still standing and you’ll be able to make it.  A great guy will do this several hours ahead of time, not just 5 minutes before the date is supposed to go down.  If you already know early in the day that plans are still standing, then you have a great date coming up.  This guy knows exactly what he’s doing, which shows in his actions.

3. His Google & Social Media Look Promising

Although it can be a spoiler alert, we know many people can’t resist the temptation of doing a little research on their dates beforehand.  Yep, let’s not act like we don’t Google people when we want to find out information.  And don’t feel awkward, it’s something everyone does.  What were the results you got from searching this guy?  Were they good?  Does his LinkedIn reveal good information that shows he has his life and career together?  Your date’s internet search will tell you a lot about him.

4. He’s There for You

Before arriving to your date, you should get a message or phone call from your date.  If he calls you to tell you that he’s already there and waiting for you, then he’s a courteous man.  He obviously knows how to treat a woman and is ensuring he’s there before you so you’re comfortable and safe when you arrive.

5. He Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat

Okay, you might notice this sign when the date begins, but even beforehand, do you notice something in his voice?  When you see him, does your heart skip a beat?  Does it feel like he could be the one?  No, we’re not talking about love at first sight, because that’s rare, but we are talking about physical attraction.

Of course looks aren’t everything, but they do matter.  If you feel the spark right away, that’s a sign you’re about to have a great first date.  But if you don’t feel a physical attraction for this guy right away, don’t worry, our Houston matchmakers know that doesn’t mean it won’t develop.  Ride it out and get to know him to see how things progress.  Sparks don’t have to fly on the first date for a successful relationship to develop.

6. You Feel at Ease

The first few minutes of a first date are filled with nervousness and icebreaking conversation.  When you met this guy, did you feel at ease?  Were those nerves gone?  A telltale sign of a great first date is when you feel comfortable with a guy.  And the more comfortable you are with him, the more you’ll be able to open up.  If you feel like you can share a lot with him, and really got to know each other, then you had a great first date.  Look for easy conversation flowing between the two of you.

7. Mutual Curiosity

When it’s a great first date, there will be mutual curiosity between both people involved.  You should want to know find out a lot about him and vice versa.  After all, first dates are all about exchanging information and determining compatibility.  Did he make you laugh?  Did he reveal a lot about himself?  Did he ask you open-ended questions?  Did you reveal a lot about yourself?

8. The Date Ended Well

How your date ended will tell you a lot about how it went and if the two of you are going to see each other again.  Did he seem to have had a good time?  Did he say something about getting together?  Did he mention what a wonderful time he had with you?  You should feel the same level of attraction and interest for him.

Alright ladies, we hope these tips from our Houston matchmakers helped you figure out if you had a successful first date.  Remember that the more dates you go on, the more you increase your chances of finding love and getting a winner!

Now, if you are single and are having a hard time finding quality men on your own, let our expert matchmakers introduce you to relationship-minded men in Houston who are a good fit for you.  Let us do the hard work of scouting and screening for you, leaving you to enjoy getting to know quality men who are compatible with you!