Understand Men Better with Houston Personal Matchmakers

As a successful career woman, it can be frustrating not to have a successful love life.  Do you have a negative view of men?  Our Houston personal matchmakers are here to change that today. 

First, we’re here to tell you that there are many great men out there.  You can’t spend your days being resentful of all men because one man in the past did you wrong.  Having a negative mindset will hinder you on your dating quest.  How many times have you heard women say dating is hopeless and that there are no good men out there?  Maybe you’re the one saying that.  We know it can be hard to move on after a man does you wrong, but you need to understand that not all men are like that.

Today, our Houston personal matchmakers are here to break the negative myths about men and shed some light on how they really are deep inside.  They are no different from women and there are plenty of great single men out there… You just have to have an open-mind and know where to look.  Focusing on positive traits will allow you to attract a good man.  Get ready as our Houston personal matchmakers show you how to better understand men and get ahead in your romantic life.

  1. They don’t hear all the details.

While you might read this and get bummed out, we’re here to tell you that this is actually a good thing.  Men, unlike women, are careful with their words, which means they don’t ramble on and on about a subject with no end in sight.  Men get straight to the point.  While you might be inclined to share every detail of your day, he will only tell you the important things.  Men hate it when women try to fill every gap of silence with nonsense.  Our Houston personal matchmakers encourage you to try to be more concise when talking to men; otherwise, you lose their attention.

  1. Men are just as loyal as women.

Many women think men are natural born cheaters.  But just like men cheat, women cheat too.  It is wrong to assume that all men will cheat on you.  Just because one of your exes cheated on you doesn’t mean the next one will.  Let go of the negative notion that men are always going to cheat.  Our Houston personal matchmakers know there are many men out there who are looking to be in a committed relationship.

  1. They care about more than looks.

Many women nowadays are insecure and believe they need to look like the women in magazines, but we’re here to let you know that men care a lot less about looks than you think.  The right man will be attracted to you for more than your outside appearances.  If you have the notion that you need to be a size zero to land a man, you’re wrong.  A man who is looking for a healthy relationship will see you for more than your looks.  A relationship-minded man is looking for someone who is fun, intelligent, and compatible, someone he can have fun with.

  1. They like positive women.

Energy is contagious, and we don’t have to tell you that.  If you want to attract a positive man, then you need to be positive yourself.  If you have a happy and positive energy, we know you’ll be successful in the dating world.  But if you always focus on the negatives in life, you’ll never land a good man.  Quality men are attracted to positive women.  No man wants to date a “negative Nancy.”

  1. They’ll leave if you’re negative or insecure.

Have you ever had a man disappear on you?  Did you wonder why?  Well, it’s simple.  If you were negative or insecure, that’s why.  Are you always talking poorly about people?  Are you always disrespectful to the wait staff?  Do you have a rebuttal for every compliment that comes your way?  Well, you might have a negative attitude or show too much insecurity, which repels men away.  If you want to land a good man, you need to let go of negative beliefs and stop being so insecure.  Our Houston personal matchmakers know these things are man repellants.

  1. They like a natural woman.

Here we go again.  Many women have the misconception that all men like women who are size zero.  But the truth is, men like women who are natural.  Every man is looking for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, no matter what size she is.  Men love curves and want to see your natural body.  Let go of that belief that you need to be a stick figure to land a man.  Once again, relationship-minded men are after more than looks.

  1. They love silence.

You don’t have to speak every second of the day to keep him interested.  Believe us, men enjoy a bit of silence.  He really doesn’t want to hear the story about how Nancy cheated on Mike for the 10th time, nor does he want to hear the office gossip every night at dinner.  Unlike women, men find silence to be relaxing.

  1. They love affection and romance.

Just like you like to be showered with affection and romance, men like it too.  Of course he’s not going to come out and tell you, but he loves it.  If you can do something romantic for him, do it and show him how much he means to you.  Whether it’s making him breakfast in bed, giving him a back massage after a long day at work, or sending him thoughtful text messages throughout the day, let him know how happy you are to have him in your life.

  1. They show affection by helping you with your problems.

Men love it when women come to them for help with decisions.  Whether it’s making a big purchase or making a change in your career, he wants to give you advice and help you solve your problems.  If you want to make your man feel good, ask him for his help.  Our Houston personal matchmakers know this is how men like to show their affection.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we want you to understand that men are just like you and they do have big hearts.  If you have not had much luck in the dating world, and wish to have a good man by your side, contact our Houston personal matchmakers today so we can help you meet the man of your dreams.