Mistakes Single Women in Houston Make on the Hunt for Love

Many single women in Houston jump through hoops and bounds trying to find Mr. Right.  If you are a single woman trying to meet Mr. Right and not sure what you’re doing wrong, you might feel like all hope is lost.  You might think there aren’t any good men left in the world, right?  But have you ever taken a look at your actions and checked to see if you’re the cause of your own demise?  You might be surprised to learn that it’s your actions that are preventing you from finding Mr. Right. 

Today, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top things you’re doing that are keeping you from finding Mr. Right.

1. Disliking Your Looks

You might not like your weight, height, or something else about your physical appearance.  These insecurities only create negativity, which will transfer into your dating life.  You can’t expect to find Mr. Right if you don’t first love yourself.

It’s time to let go of all this negative self-talk and start feeling good about yourself.  Everyone has flaws, and it’s time to accept yours.  You are not perfect, and it’s time to accept that.

2. Trying Too Hard

Pulling desperate moves in attempts to find love will not work.  Don’t dress in a provocative way, flirt excessively, or do anything else that will scare men away.  Keep this in mind: men don’t like when women throw themselves at them.  Our Houston matchmakers know men enjoy the challenge, so you need to give them that.  You will have a much better chance of finding Mr. Right if you treat yourself as a prize, not someone who is too available.

3. Never Going Out

This doesn’t mean you need to hit the town every night or party every weekend.  This means that no matter how busy your schedule is, you should always schedule time to go out on dates and search for Mr. Right.

If you don’t feel comfortable going out alone, call a girlfriend or two and schedule a fun girls’ night out.  The more you put yourself out there, the more you increase your chances of finding Mr. Right.

4. Going to the Same Old Places

One of the biggest mistakes single women in Houston make is sticking to the same old hang out places.  It’s understandable that you like grabbing coffee at your favorite coffee shop, but if you only stick to one place, you’re hindering your chances of stumbling across quality men.  It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go to new places.  Try a different coffee shop, go to different restaurants, and hang out at different local parks on your lunch hour.  Not only will this give you a fresh perspective, but it will put you on the path of new men you never met before.

5. Spend Time with Your Girlfriends

This might be a little bit contradictory, but you need to spend time with your girlfriends.  Men will feel more comfortable dating a woman who has her own friends and life.  Schedule time with your gal pals to go out and catch up with them.  Go to parks, malls, restaurants, wineries or anywhere else you want to go.  Men will see you as a woman who has her own life and be drawn to you.

6. Getting Rid of Dates Too Quickly

If you are a seasoned dater, you know by now that the first few dates are full of stress and awkwardness.  Just because you didn’t hit it off with a guy in the first few minutes doesn’t mean you should immediately write him off.  As professional Houston matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that it takes more than two dates to know if you hit it off with someone.  It’s time to start giving men a chance and stop writing everyone off so quickly.

7. Having Too High of Expectations

It’s okay that you want a tall, handsome muscular guy.  But you should be open to the fact that your Mr. Right might not look like that.  Mr. Right might not fulfill your entire list of expectations, but what he lacks in some areas, he could make up for in others.  It’s time to start giving men a chance.

8. Settling Down with the First Man You Meet

There might be times when you feel there is no hope left for you.  When this thought takes over you, you end up settling for the first man who comes your way, which our Houston matchmakers know is one of the biggest mistakes single women in Houston make.  Don’t give up and don’t be one of those women who settles for any guy who comes her way.  Remember that being single isn’t bad, but being with the wrong man is.

If you’re sick and tired of constantly searching for true love, don’t be.  It’s time to evaluate yourself and take the above tips into consideration.  Don’t make the above mistakes on your search for Mr. Right.  You need to work on changing your tactics to improve your chances of finding love.  We know that Mr. Right is out there looking for you too, and you’ll eventually cross paths.

Are you doing something that is keeping you from finding Mr. Right?  Do you want to find Mr. Right today?  Contact our Houston matchmakers and let us assist you on your search for love.  We have helped thousands of single women in Houston land Mr. Right, and we’re confident we can assist you too.  Fill out the simple survey on our homepage to set up your consultation and get started on your search today!