Houston Matchmakers | 7 Signs You Found Love This Holiday

It’s amazing how much you want to predict the future, especially your love life.  But once you realize that you can’t control life, especially love, the sooner you’ll accept things that come your way.  You might not believe in love and fate but you have to admit there is something magical happening in your life.  As the leading Houston matchmakers, we’re here to tell you that what you might have on your hands is love. 

You can fall for someone today, tomorrow, or next week and have no idea it’s happening.  But while you cannot predict the future, especially your love life, you want to know what real love feels like.  But how do you know if the man you’re seeing is falling for you?  How do you know your holiday wish for love has finally come true?  It’s time to cheer yourself up this holiday season, because our Houston matchmakers are going to show you a few telltale signs he’s falling in love with you.

1. He Gets Nervous Around You

So you just started dating a new guy and notice that he starts getting very nervous every time you come around.  If you notice that his palms get sweaty or he gets fidgety, it’s not the weather or his holiday drink.  He’s getting sweaty and nervous because he’s into you.

No matter how old they are, men tend to get nervous around a woman they’re into.  He cares about you and wants to make a good impression, and it’s all this pressure to please you that is causing him to get so nervous in your presence.  Do him a favor and let him know that he doesn’t have to be anxious around you because you feel the same way for him.

2. He Agrees with Everything You Say

Of course every woman’s dream would be to have a boyfriend who agrees with everything she says.  But as the leading Houston matchmakers, we know that would quickly get boring.  You don’t want a man who agrees with you about everything; after all, that wouldn’t be healthy.  If the new man you’re dating agrees with you and you know it doesn’t always make sense for him to do so, then he’s doing it because he wants to please you.  He wants to make you happy, even if it goes against what he really thinks and feels.  You might have to let him know that you appreciate what he is doing, but tell him that it’s okay to disagree.  This will make your future relationship exciting and healthy.

3. He’s All About PDA

Now, we know that you and your new man are no longer teenagers, but if he’s into PDA in a big way, then you know he is totally falling for you.  If he can’t stop himself from holding your hand, stealing a kiss, or guiding you with his hand, then you know he is falling in love with you.  As long as he’s keeping it subtle and clean, you’re good to go.  After all, no one likes PDA but the people engaging in them.

4. He Shares His Emotions with You

Here’s the thing about men, and maybe you know by now.  Men do not like to share their emotions with anyone.  If your new man has started sharing his feelings with you, then he is falling for you.  He would never open up and share his feelings with someone he doesn’t trust and love.  Keep an eye for this one, because it’s just one step before those three magical words.  As a woman, it’s important for you never to take this one for granted.  Confiding in you is huge, something you need to value and respect.

5. He Surprises You

Christmas is almost here but not quite yet, yet still, your new boyfriend has been putting a lot of time and efforts into your relationship and doling out surprises left and right.  It could be romantic dinners out on the town or even walking around historic downtown admiring the festive decorations.  Or perhaps it’s something small like showing up at home with your favorite pizza or that hard to find ice-cream flavor you always talk about.  If your boyfriend is surprising you all the time, then this is his way of telling you he loves you.  He would never do these things for someone he didn’t love, so pat yourself on the back for finally finding your holiday love.

6. He Sits in Silence with You

When a man can be silent with you, you can bet every holiday gift you receive that he is falling head over heels for you.  You might not take it as a sign of disinterest, but believe us, it’s not.  If a man can sit in silence without having to fill all the silences, it means he’s comfortable with you.  If he listens to you without interrupting, he’s taking everything in and taking it to heart.  Women are known for being super chatty, and finding a man who listens is very hard.  You have a keeper who values every word you say.

7. He Asks Deeper Questions

Men who are just with you to pass time will never ask you deeper questions to get to know you better.  However, a man who is falling in love with you will want to get to know everything about you.  From your thoughts, feelings, work day, experiences, and everything in your life, he will ask you many questions to get to know you better and create a stronger bond.  Just make sure that you’re asking questions too because you never want to have a one-sided relationship.  Pay attention to how many questions he asks you and you might realize that’s he’s falling harder than you thought.

So what do you say, do you think you found your holiday love?  How many of these signs did you notice about him?  Looks like Santa came early for you!

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