Houston Matchmakers | Holiday Self-Gifts for Houston Singles

Another December is here—another frantic holiday season upon us.  If you’re like many Houston singles, love is probably at the tippy top of your wish list.  But besides hopeful wishes for love, you’re probably busy getting ready for the holiday festivities—or at least trying to, right?  This is the perfect time to stop for a moment and really think about the meaning of the holidays.  Instead of going out and spending your hard-earned money in attempts to cheer yourself up, why not do things for yourself that really matter? 

Our Houston matchmakers want you to use this time to really do things for yourself because you matter.  No matter how crazy and hectic your schedule is, if you race through the holidays like you’ve done in years past, and try to complete everything on your to-do list in no time, your life is going to feel exhausting, depleting, and you might even miss the joy and forget what the holidays are all about.

The solution is to give yourself some special self-gifts this holiday season.  And, no, we’re not talking all about expensive and selfish gifts you find at the local malls.  We’re talking about things your life needs right now, things like splurges for your soul and activities that will make you a better person who really enjoys the holidays for what they’re meant to be—single or not.

1. Gift Yourself a Timeout

No matter how busy you are, our Houston matchmakers want you to take some time off during the hectic holiday season.  Try to find a place you can go and simply get away from it all.  Whether it’s just an hour or for a few, disconnect from the world.  If you have a trail close to home, go for a walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.  But if you live in the city, you might have to be a little more creative and go to the local park or check out the library.  Remember to use this time to simply find some peace, quiet, and solitude.

2. Gift Yourself Patience

Take a deep breath and count to ten when you feel like you’re getting all worked up.  This is especially true when family members ask about your single status and the nagging question of why you can’t find love.  If you feel like you’re about to jump out of your skin, take deep breaths and learn to control it.  The same applies to hectic lines at the mall, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and being put on hold with customer support for what seems like hours.  Patience is key to make it through the holidays.

3. Gift Yourself Better Sleep

The gift of sleep is possibly the best gift you can give yourself this frantic holiday season.  Our Houston matchmaker want you to get at least eight hours of sleep every day.  If it takes you a few hours to fall asleep, go to bed earlier, turn off the lights, and play some relaxing music.  When your alarm goes off the next day, do not hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.  Get up and get your day started so you can get to bed early again later that night.

4. Gift Yourself a List of Things You Love About Your Life

Why does it feel much easier to put yourself down over building yourself up?  This year, our Houston matchmakers want you to gift yourself love and acceptance.  Write down all the things you really love about yourself and don’t keep anything out.  Write out at least five to ten things you’re proud of in your life, and don’t forget to include all the things your future partner will love about you too.  Is it cheesy?  Yes, it is.  Does it work?  Absolutely.  Break out this list every time you’re feeling down about being single for the holidays.

5. Gift Yourself a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, especially after shopping all day at the crowded malls or putting in those extra hours at work?  Our Houston matchmakers want you to grab your favorite book or magazine and sink into your bubble bath.  Stay there until you’re fully relaxed and feeling wonderful.

6. Gift Yourself a Healthier You

You don’t have to wait for the new year to roll in to start being healthy.  In fact, you can start today. Our Houston matchmakers want you to start small just to get your feet wet.  For example, instead of driving around to run your errands, why don’t you walk instead?  Instead of signing up for a gym you’re not going to go to, why not go for daily walks around the park?

And YouTube, who doesn’t love YouTube?  There are so many free videos on you can do right in the comfort of your own home.  You can exercise in just 15 minutes to an hour a day.  You can start small and work your way up.

The same rule applies to your diet.  What?  You didn’t think we were going to go there?  Swap greasy foods for veggies, and ditch those bubbly sodas for juice or water.  Instead of drinking wine every night from here until New Year’s Eve, make healthier choices like hot ciders or alcohol-free holiday drinks.  If you smoke, you already know it’s time to hang it up.

7. Gift Yourself Priorities

Our careers don’t stop just because the holidays are here, and neither does your dating life.  In fact, so many things pile up and make you feel like you’re drowning.  If you want to survive the holidays alone, it helps to create a list of all the activities that require your undivided attention, which ones are important and which ones are not.  Creating a list will give you clarity on where you stand and what you must do so you’re not running around like a headless chicken from now until the new year.

8. Gift Yourself Balance in Holiday Eating

One of the most unbalancing things about the holidays comes down to all the indulgences that surround us.  There are holiday treats everywhere you look: coworkers bake us delicious office cookies and friends and family show up with desserts we simply can’t resist.  Before you know it, you have holiday rolls and a bulging belly, making you more depressed than ever before.

Our Houston matchmakers want you to balance your holiday indulges.  It will help you maintain your weight and make you feel good.  Remember to practice self-control and mindful eating. After all, nothing tastes as good as being healthy.

9. Gift Yourself a Matchmaking Membership

For Houston singles who dread the holidays alone, there is no better gift than a matchmaking membership.  It will be the best investment—a truly worthwhile gift—to give yourself this holiday.  When we’re lonely, it impacts our life and how we feel.  To avoid pain and loneliness, sign up with our personal matchmaking service and let us introduce you to quality singles in Houston today.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to give yourself the gift of love today!