Houston Matchmakers Teach You How to Win His Family Over

So you finally landed a meaningful relationship with an awesome guy, and things are going wonderfully.  You find yourself wanting to spend every second with him, laughing and enjoying life like it’s supposed to be.

He behaves like a gentleman and treats you with respect.  He’s the one you dreamed of your whole life, so the next step is to meet his family.  But what if his mom doesn’t like you?  Mother-in-laws can be very difficult to get along with; after all, every loving mother wants the very best for her son.  Naturally, you want to make a good first impression and have his family accept you, and that’s what our Houston matchmakers are here to help you with today.

Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we’re passionate about helping you find and create long-lasting love.  So there are a few things you want to keep in mind to ensure you create a connection with his family.  You need to use every single one of our expert tips when you meet your boyfriend’s family to ensure it’s smooth sailing all around.  We know they’ll like you regardless, so get ready as our expert matchmakers show you some fail-proof tips to win his family over.

Offer to Help

This one is crucial if you’re going to his family’s house.  You’ll win a lot of brownie points with his mom if you lend a helping hand.  His mom is doing a lot for this get together, so it’s only fair that you offer to help.  His mom might decline your helping hand, but it’s your offer that counts.

Be Respectful

Always show respect, regardless of the situation.  You might not agree with his mother, but you should respect her opinion and the way she does things.  After all, you’re at her place and need to be respectful.  If you want his family to like you, manners will take you a long way. It’s their house, their rules, and you need to respect that.  And even if you’re meeting at a restaurant or somewhere else, the same logic applies.

Show Your Affection

Just because you’re in their house doesn’t mean you have to stop showing him love.  In fact, whether or not mom wants to admit it, she wants you to show him love and affection.

Now, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to lock lips at the dinner table, but you can hold hands and embrace gentle touches.  Don’t be afraid to show him affection subtly, but remember to be respectful.

Let Your Friendly Side Show

People are drawn to friendly individuals, so our Houston matchmakers want you to show your friendly side from the get-go.  Of course you’re going to be nervous because you’re meeting his family for the first time, but don’t let your nerves prevent you from showing them who you really are as a person.

Remember to be yourself so they can get to know the real you. However, if you’re a woman who has the tendency to come off as overbearing and outspoken, then you want to tone it down a little.  You want to laugh, make tasteful jokes, be friendly, and show your pearly whites.

Be Open & Honest

If you really want to make his family like you, you must always be open and honest.  Parents can easily tell if you’re being fake, call it their don.  Don’t ask us how, but they really do have a sense for this.

Save yourself the embarrassment and truly be yourself.  When they ask you a question, make sure you answer openly and honestly.  They might not like your political views, but they’ll still respect you for not lying to them.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to get in a confrontation or debate with them.

Look at Them in the Eyes

This tip might be a little difficult if you’re shy, but looking at someone in the eyes shows respect and allows you to make a connection.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so make sure you let them see yours.  Simply put, people trust those who maintain eye contact with them.  So build up the courage and maintain eye contact with his parents as much as you can.  Our Houston matchmakers know this will make you look more confident, trustworthy, and able to tackle anything.

Impress Them a Little

You want to show his parents that you’re a fabulous catch, so it’s time to do a little bragging.  You want to show them that you’re a great fit for their son, so how do you do this?  By telling them your talents and accomplishments.

Throw in a few lines here and there about how far you’ve made it in your career or where you plan on being a few years from now.  You need to show them that you have your life figured out and that their son has a great woman by his side.

Maintain Good Table Manners

Whether you’re meeting at a restaurant or at their place, you need to behave like a lady and show your good table manners.  It is very important not to let your nerves get the best of you because his parents are judging you.  Don’t forget to say your please and thank yous, don’t order something you have to eat with your fingers, and chew with your mouth closed.

Keep the Sailor Locked Up

Your vocabulary might be a little more forthcoming when you’re hanging out with your boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to speak the same way when you meet his family.  Keep that sailor mouth locked up and save it for when you’re with your girlfriends.

Don’t Lie

Don’t lie because you want to impress them.  If you have never done any gardening in your life or never watched a football game, don’t say you love it.  The truth will eventually come out, one way or another.  If you lie to his parents, you’ll break the trust right from the get-go.

Don’t Speak About Politics

Politics is a hot topic today, so try not to talk about it. Politics can quickly create a confrontation over the dinner table, and that’s not your goal when you’re meeting the parents for the first time.  There are many other great topics to talk about, so keep politics off the table.

Follow these simple tips from our Houston matchmakers and win his family over in no time.  Remember to be yourself, show respect, display your good manners, offer to help when you can, and stay away from hot topics.  Most importantly, be yourself, smile, and genuinely have a good time.

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