Houston Singles | How to Love Someone with a Broken Heart

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Everyone in the dating scene has history and baggage. Everyone has experienced their fair share of relationships, and with that comes heartbreak. You know what we’re talking about here: the type of pain that makes you not want to leave your home for a month. Entering a brand-new relationship means not only dealing with your own romantic past but with your new partner’s, as well. The person you’re connected with might not be so open to love if they recently had their heart broken.

But don’t worry because it’s still possible to love someone who is going through a heartache, especially since losing a partner or spouse can leave an impact on someone for many years. As long as they’ve accepted it, grieved, and given themselves time to heal, then they’re fit to date. Let our Houston Singles matchmakers show you how to love someone with a broken heart.

  1. It’s not you, it’s him.


Yes, it might sound a little cliché, but that rule applies here too. You did not break your partner’s heart. Sure, they’re still hurting, but there’s nothing you can do, so remember that when you’re dating someone with a broken heart.

  1. Go at it slow.


The worst thing you can do when dating someone with a broken heart is rush the situation along and go from dating to a serious relationship. This will only end up pushing him away. Instead, allow the relationship to go at a natural speed. You should move at an even slower pace than normal. Doing so will strengthen the bond between you.

  1. You might care more about him than he does about you.


This is the sad reality of falling in love with someone with a broken heart. The truth is, he might not be ready to fully enter a new relationship let alone fall in love again. This is something you need to be prepared for.

  1. He might initiate a breakup for no reason.


At least not a reason that makes sense to you. He might send you a message that doesn’t really make sense. Or perhaps you’ll get a weird speech about how he wants to take things slow and take a break from seeing you for a while. Guys who are experiencing a broken heart are still going through the pain and often want some time to themselves so they can heal.

  1. The future will scare him.


You might see this guy as the one and want to introduce him to your friends, family, and adorable little cousin. But it might be a good idea to take things slow. Remember that he’s still healing from a broken heart. He might think that meeting those closest to you is a bit too much pressure right now. If you’re thinking about introducing him to your friends and family, you might want to wait a little while. There will come a time when it’s okay to bring him around.

  1. Commitment will also scare him.


Don’t talk about commitment too soon. Remember what happened the last time he was committed to someone? It obviously did not work out, which is why he’s experiencing a broken heart right now. If you’re thinking about sitting him down and having a talk about getting serious, remember that he’s still fragile. You don’t want to scare him away. Let him nurse his broken heart and save the commitment talk for when he’s ready and healed.

  1. Focus on having a good time.


You obviously like this guy for a reason, right? Remember that and have a good time together. Find new dinner recipes to make at home, go to baseball games, or watch movies together. Whatever your thing is, do it and have a fun time.

  1. Live in the moment.


It’s hard not to think about the past when you’re dating a guy who is still not over a broken heart. And it’s equally hard not to think about the future when you’re not sure where you stand. But you know what you can think about? The present. The present is what you should focus your energy on if you want to get this thing off the ground.

Although many people don’t advise it, you can still love someone who is suffering from the lingering pain of a broken heart. The key is to go slow and be patient with him.

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