Houston Matchmakers Reveal 8 Signs He’ll Be a Bad Boyfriend

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As Houston matchmakers with nearly 30 years in the Houston dating industry, we know the signs are always there when it comes dating. But it’s up to you to be able to spot the dating red flags that a guy’s going to be a bad boyfriend. Of course, there are men out there who are manipulators and can masterfully hide their true selves. But for the most part, guys aren’t too good at being shady—all you need to do is pay close attention.

Before you agree to move any further with him, you need to look for the following warning signs. Today, our Houston matchmakers will reveal the red flags he’ll make a terrible boyfriend for you.

  1. He’s already let you down.


Everyone makes mistakes. But a guy who is trying to impress you during the early stages of dating will do his best to avoid making mistakes. It’s the early stages of the relationship, after all, the time where he’s supposed to woo you. That means calling when he says he will, giving you compliments, and showing up on time. If he’s already dropping the ball, don’t assume things will get better once you make the relationship official. In fact, it’s only going to go downhill from here.

  1. He doesn’t apologize.


An apology is an “I’m sorry.” If instead of apologizing to you when he does something wrong he buys you a present or blames it on someone else, he’s being manipulative and doesn’t want to bruise his ego. Some men have huge egos and will refuse to admit wrongdoing. If you mix a big ego with manipulative tendencies, you have a big problem on your hands.

  1. He doesn’t talk about his exes.


You ask him about his past relationships, but he’s never once talked about them. Unless he’s really shy and afraid to talk, which is another sign he’ll make a terrible boyfriend, he’s probably remaining quiet because he’s not over his exes.

  1. He makes you feel anxious.


Maybe it’s because he takes hours to get back to you, or maybe because you can’t know where you stand with him. Whatever the reason, something about him makes you feel anxious. If he’s already driving you crazy and it’s only the beginning of your relationship, imagine what he’ll do to you as you spend more time together. You need a partner who makes you feel secure and at ease, not someone who gives you anxiety.

  1. He’s too private.


Are you the type of woman who likes to share? Then you need to keep an eye for this behavior. If you spend a lot of time together yet know nothing about his family, friends, or background, then he might be a little too private. Now we’re not saying that he’s hiding something from you because he could be a very private person who takes some time to open up. But if he’s not opening up to you after many weeks of spending time together, you have to wonder if he’ll make a good boyfriend.

  1. His exes are crazy.


So maybe he did talk about an ex or two and mentioned that they were “crazy.” We honestly recommend you do a little research on them, via Instagram or Facebook, to find out if they really are crazy. If they are, that means there’s more of a problem with him than with them. A guy who is only into crazy women enjoys the drama. This guy won’t make a good boyfriend for you. You don’t need a guy who is going to bring drama and stress to your life.

  1. He’s always busy.


You don’t get to spend too much time with him because he’s busy with work or has plans with friends. Under no circumstance accept this behavior. Don’t try to make yourself feel better by saying, “Oh, we’ll get together when he frees up.” If he can’t devote time to you, especially during the early stages of the relationship where he should be impressing you, then we can pretty much guarantee that he won’t make a good boyfriend. He is not treating you like a priority and most likely never will.

  1. He has a lot of female friends.


You might be okay with your guy having a lot of female friends. However, it’s a big warning sign if those female friends are too close for comfort. It would be one thing if those women were dating his friends, but they’re not. So why are they so close to your guy? Why are they texting and calling him all hours of the night?

So how does your new love interest measure up? Use these eight early warning signs to gauge your guy’s potential. If you’re experiencing these behaviors with your man early on, perhaps it’s time you reconsider dating this guy. After all, why invest your time and energy on someone who’s going to leave you disappointed?

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