Houston Matchmaking Service Reveals 7 Signs He’s A Player

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We don’t want to group all men into one category because we know that all men are different.  Some men say something sweet and really mean it.  There are also men that say the same thing with very different intentions.  But fret not, because you can figure out whether a guy is a player or not, as long as you know what dating red flags to look out for.

How to Tell Your Dating a Player

Dating is very difficult.  Of course, going on dates is fun and you get to meet different people.  What happens after the date, that’s when things get tricky.  Maybe he’ll call, maybe he won’t. Maybe he didn’t feel the spark like you did. You just never know what’s going to happen after a date.

Even if he did feel the spark, what’s his motive? Does he want to date you, or does he want to sleep with you?  When it comes to dating, it’s never as easy as it looks simply because you don’t know what the other person is thinking. But in the end, there’s always a way to find out.

Let our Houston matchmaking service show you exactly how to figure it all out. Read on as our professional matchmakers reveal the warning signs you’ve landed a womanizer.

  1. You Feel Something Is Off


We CANNOT emphasize this one enough.  For a split second, you feel that something wasn’t right about him.  Of course, he’s probably handsome and charming, so you push that to the back of your mind.  But don’t forget that feeling.  Why? Because that’s your intuition telling you that he’s a fake.

  1. He Has a Bad Past


If you ask him about his past relationships, it seems he doesn’t have any.  He may say that he’s never been in a serious relationship.  And believe us when we tell you there’s a reason why.  And it’s not because he’s never been in a relationship.  He has been in many.  Too bad they were all the non-committed type (if you get what we’re saying).

  1. He Doesn’t Want to Get to Know You


He asks you questions but only to make you think he really wants to get to know you.  He isn’t asking your opinion on politics or what you do in your spare time.  Instead, he asks you where you work and if you like to party on the weekends.  Womanizers have no problem making small talk but expect shallow conversations.

  1. His Social Media Accounts Are Full of Women


Now, it’s normal for people to have friends of the opposite sex on social media.  However, if his social media accounts are mostly made up of women, that’s a red flag right there.  It’s a good idea of what he wants in life… fun with as many different women as he can get.

  1. He’s Secretive


If his phone lights up when he’s with you, does he make sure he covers it so you don’t know who’s calling him? If you notice he’s hiding things and keeping secrets from you, that’s a really good sign he’s a player.

  1. He’s Not Open


If you’re talking about everyday things, no problem, he’ll talk up a storm.  However, if you ask him questions about himself, he suddenly goes quiet.  He doesn’t have much to say.  Hmm, and we can only wonder why.  He doesn’t want you to get to know him well because he doesn’t plan on sticking around much longer.  He’s going to have sex with you and never call you again.

  1. You Don’t Know His Friends


You may have met them once or twice, but that’s it.  If he doesn’t introduce you to his friends or never talks about them, there’s a reason why.  Maybe he doesn’t want his friends to associate you as his girlfriend or maybe he goes through a lot of women and doesn’t want his friends to get confused.

  1. He’s Too Romantic


Ladies, remember that womanizers know what to do to impress a woman.  He might come to pick you up with a bouquet of roses or take you to an upscale restaurant.  If this guy is over-the-top with the romance, he might be a player.

So… is he a womanizer? Take some time to look for these dating red flags before you proceed with this questionable guy. The last thing you want to do is end up heartbroken and crushed.

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