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We’ve all met people who light up our worlds: men, women, romantic partners, and friends. Some people come into our lives with the sole purpose of making us happy, and when they leave, we think our happiness is gone.

Consider the fact that happiness is a state of mind, not a physical thing. No one can be happiness. Nobody comes into your life and brings happiness with them, and if you that is the case, you might want to think again.

You are happy because you choose to be happy and open yourself up to this person. You are free when you are with them. You are happy. You allowed yourself to feel this way, they didn’t hand you happiness on a silver platter. You did this on your own.

If you want to be happy and lead a more fulfilling life, you’ve come to the right place. Today, our Houston professional matchmakers are going to show you some simple and effective tips to be happy. Your life will transform right before your eyes, believe us.

  1. Learn to be grateful for everything.


Many take the initiative to start writing in a journal, and you should too. Basically, you can start writing all the things you are grateful for. Instead of writing about your recent horrible dating experience, you can write exclusively about the things you are grateful for in your life.

Writing about the things that make you thankful, will not only help you recognize all the wonderful things you already have in your life, but it will provide you a record of all these things to look back on when you are having a bad day.

  1. Have daily intentions.


Another great way to feel happiness in your life is by having daily intentions. You need to have certain things you want to do every day. Will you focus on self-care today? Stay positive during stressful situations? Whatever you want to achieve today is set out for you before you even walk out of the door.

  1. Learn to apologize to yourself.


Before you learn how to find happiness for yourself, you need to learn to love yourself. And before you can do that? You need to apologize to yourself for everything you have done in life. You don’t deserve to hear the things that you tell yourself right before you go to bed, deep inside of your thoughts. Take a deep breath and finally apologize to yourself. Let go of the mistakes and take lessons away instead.

  1. Find your happy place and go there often.


Whether your happy place is a local running track or a small coffee shop, find a spot that brings you happiness, and go there as often as you can. Some people meditate, which brings them into their happy place. You can meditate daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like it. Everybody has their own preferences.

We suggest you connect with Mother Nature and go for a walk around a park or a scenic spot to really feel relaxed and joyful.

  1. Force yourself to smile.


Countless studies have shown that smiling when you are down can trigger you to feel happy. How crazy is that? So, the next time you are feeling sad, be sure to smile. It is a simple facing expression that change your day around. This is just proof that you have the power to find happiness within yourself.

  1. The law of attraction is as real as it gets.


You attract the energy you put out. It’s just the way life works. Think positivity, and positivity will come your way. Think happy thoughts, and happiness will come knocking at your door. Once again, you have the power to find happiness within yourself. It is all in your hands.

  1. Hype yourself up every day.


You need to be your own number one cheerleader in life. Wake up every day and tell yourself, “You’re going to have a wonderful day, and you’re going to accomplish your goals and dreams.” Every one of them. Trust us, this feels silly, but oh, does it work. You will feel motivated and happy every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or taken, you have to create your own happiness. Follow these seven simple tips and start leading a more fulfilling and happy life.

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