Houston Matchmaking Service | How to Tell He’s the Real Deal

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Imagine: One of your friends introduces you to someone and the two of you start messaging each other. You two talk and you find you’ve got a lot in common. You decide to go out for a coffee date to break the ice. It goes very well, and then the question of a second date comes up. That goes well just like the first date, and you slowly start to break off contact with other people you were chatting with. Hmm, this seem to have potential.

Now, here you are, seven dates in and wondering if he’s feeling the same way about you. You want to shift things to the next level and start a relationship, but you don’t know if that’s the direction he’s heading. How can you tell if he’s the real deal? How can you tell if he wants the same thing as you do?

Today, our Houston matchmaking service is going to show how to tell he’s the real deal.

  1. He’s talking about being ready to commit to you .


This is one of the most obvious signs he wants to be with you, which is why it’s at the top of our list. If you’re not sure if this is only temporary or it’s the real deal, a great way to try and figure it out is to approach the topic of being in a committed relationship. If he’s falling in love with you, you can bet that he’s going to start thinking about making a commitment to you. In fact, he might have already started talking about this. Commitment is one of the biggest signs of love, and it’s also the number one sign he’s the real deal.

If he’s already talking about commitment, you can tell that he’s ready to make a commitment to you.

  1. He makes an effort to consistently and reliably communicate.


Does this guy make an effort to consistently and reliably communicate with you? If your crush is texting you in the middle of the day or sending you after-work messages just to see how you are doing, that’s a great sign that he likes you. If he is making an effort, that means he really wants to be with you. If the conversation has a lot of substance, well, that’s even better. If your guy feels comfortable enough to consistently and reliably communicate with you, it’s proof this guy is here to stay.

Texting is a great way to figure out if someone is interested, which is why it’s a great way to figure out if he’s interested in you. Take this as proof that if he’s texting you all the time, sending you cute emojis, and checking in with you periodically, that’s a sign that this guy is definitely the real deal.

  1. His plans include you.


So what if he is including you in his plans? What if he’s moved past the idea of planning weekly dates and is actually wanting to do a weekend trip together? Not only is that a great sign he’s into you and things are moving towards a relationship, but it’s also a sign that this guy is the real deal.

It’s hard to deny that someone sees you as their true soulmate when they’re discussing future plans with you. Is he talking about homes, or even future trips? Take this a proof that he’s serious about you. If he didn’t think you were the one, he would never talk about the future.

The crush is real if he’s talking about real plans and is willing to adjust his life to include you. Don’t be afraid to return the favor as well! Remember that it takes two to build a future together. We hope you finally found your real deal in love.

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