Houston Matchmakers Reveal Dinner Etiquette for Dates

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Dinner dates can make or break the early stages of your relationship – they give you the opportunity to see if there’s any chemistry and see how your potential partner behaves in social situations. Get one or two small things wrong, and the evening can quickly go down south. Avoid making a bad first impression by following our Houston matchmaker’s favorite dinner etiquette tips for first dates.

  1. Before the date starts


Choosing the right restaurant is essential. Pick a restaurant with good ambience and great food. Some let their date decide but if you already know her dietary preferences, put some though into the date and suggest a few good restaurants in town.  It pays to show initiative. If you’re unsure about your restaurant choices, modern Australian or Italian are good bets, they give you a variety of dishes to choose from.

Keep an eye on your budget and look at the menu beforehand. Dating isn’t cheap but nothing looks worse than having to ask your date to break out her purse to lend you $20 because you can’t afford to pay the bill. There are deals and vouchers that can save you a lot of money but if you pull a voucher you might end up looking like a cheap.

  1. Set the right mood


Make sure that you choose a place with great lighting, seating and low noise levels. You don’t want to pick a noisy place where you have to scream at the top of your lungs.

  1. What to wear


When choosing the right outfight, it’s always better to be overdresses than underdress. A nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt will look good for the date.

  1. Getting to the restaurant


You should always aim to get to the restaurant at least 15 minutes early to avoid any potential mishaps and be late. If you’re driving, check out the parking before you get there. The rough rule of thumb is if you have to circle more than 5 minutes looking for parking, you should bite the bullet and pay for parking. It shows you value your time together more than saving a few bucks.

  1. Ordering food


Go or more than just a main dish. A nice entrée and a dessert can turn a good dish into a tasty meal. Another idea is to order a variety of starters and skip the main dish, to get a good selection of dishes and to find out if your dating is the sharing type.

  1. Eating


Take your time as you eat your meal. Dinner shouldn’t be rushed. Keeps the conversation going throughout the meal. If you finish your meal before your date, that’s not a good look.

Also no phones on the table please. Show your date the respect they deserve by giving them your undivided attention.

7 Paying for the date


Paying can be a delicate topic. The guy should at very least offer to pay for the meal, and it’s good if the lady offers to split the bill. Let them know you’re not there just for the free meal.

Matchmaking tip: to avoid any awkwardness of fighting for the bill, leave your credit card with the restaurant beforehand.

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