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So now that you’re in a happy relationship, you want to know how to be the perfect girlfriend and make your man happy. Take it from us: it doesn’t take much to accomplish that, but we wanted to compile a list of ways to be a good girlfriend to help you on your quest to be the best partner for your man.

Think about the last boyfriend you had… What’s your reaction?

“He was a great boyfriend.”

“Ug. He was the worst boyfriend in my life.”

It’s probably easier to list all the things he did wrong than all the things he did right. But think back further, to a good boyfriend you had before.

Now take a moment with us and make a list of his characteristics.

Does the list look like this?

  1. He was very kind and affectionate.
  2. He always gave me gifts.
  3. We had good conversations.
  4. I felt like we were a team.

Now you know what it takes to be a great partner. Essentially, being a good girlfriend is treating your partner the same way you want to be treated. It’s the gold rule.

  1. Be his friend.


A lot of couples we know start out as friends. But something odd happens once they become romantically involved. They stop being friends. We mean, sure there were deeper feelings, and maybe sex. But when you take the friendship out of the relationship, it takes something away from the benefit of being a couple.

So what does being his friend look like? It’s about having a connection outside of the bedroom. Doing fun things together just like you used to do when you were just friends.

  1. Be open.


Women aren’t the only ones that enter a relationship with baggage from past relationships. Men, just like you, have been hurt as well. They may have trouble being vulnerable with you.

While certainly you have to work through your own issues, know that openness is the key to having a successful relationship. So if you want to build trust with him, be open and honest with each other. That means telling him about your past issues. This may be hard for you to do, but it will make your relationship better and make you a great girlfriend.

  1. Give him space.


Many women have trouble accepting that men sometimes need their space. It’s got nothing to do with you. It’s just how they are.

And, yea, they may brush that need aside when you first start dating, either because they’re excited about spending all their time with you or because they worry that they’ll put you off if they go do their own things. But as you settle in your relationship, they get more comfortable letting you know that they need space.

If you really want to be a great girlfriend, you need to learn to give him space. Don’t take it personally. Use that time to be by yourself and spend it doing the things you love.

  1. Be vulnerable.


The kind that goes with being open and honest with him: it can be challenging for you to do if you’ve been hurt in the past but being vulnerable will escalate your emotional connection with him.

How can you be vulnerable with him? Talk to him about your feelings. If you get angry or are feeling frustrated at something he did, try to reframe it using how the situation makes you feel.

Don’t put up walls around your heart. If you’re serious about this turning into a committed relationship, you’re going to have to take a chance on getting hurt.

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