Houston Singles Dating | 3 Ways to Save the Date from Silence

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Whether you’re casually dating in Houston or looking for the real deal in love, first dates can be tough. Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we know that sometimes first dates cause the cat to catch your tongue.

Are you one of the many singles in Houston who clams up and doesn’t know what to say on your dates? Do you fear those awkward silences and fumble trying to come up with something – ANYTHING – to say and screw it all up?

Fret not! Our professional matchmakers and dating experts are here to save the day. Here at Houston Singles Dating Service, we’ve helped thousands of singles overcome first date jitters and land the partner of their dreams. We’re here to help you too.

So what do you do when you’re out with a beautiful woman and don’t know what to say? When you’ve exhausted all your usual conversation topics, how can you save the date from those dreaded silences?

Get ready to find out as Houston Singles Dating Service reveals three simple ways to save the date from the much-feared silence when you’ve plowed through small talk and are left feeling tongue-tied.

  1. Extend a Sincere Compliment

Believe it or not, this beautiful woman sitting across from you is just as nervous about being with there as you. That’s right, she’s feeling shy and awkward too.

Everyone is fearful of being rejected by their date, and it’s only natural to want to be accepted. One quick and efficient way of squashing her fears and setting the tone for the date is to let her know that you like her. It’s key to find something you really admire or appreciate about her, whether it’s beautiful eyes, her laugh, her passion for her career, or her humor. Let her know you find something about her to be attractive and she’ll immediately feel more comfortable and confident to open up and share more about her life with you.

  1. Open-ended Questions Are a Lifesaver

When you feel like you’ve blown through your planned or usual topics of conversation and are fearing the worst – that dreaded awkward silence – it’s time to pull out your lifesaver – open-ended questions.

You might have been asking her questions all along but weren’t getting too far. Think about how you were asking the questions? What questions were you asking? Were you asking questions that could be answered with a simple yes or no? If so, that’s where you’re going wrong.

You need to be creative not only with the questions you ask but with how you ask them. Don’t ask her simple questions that won’t get you anywhere. Your goal is to get her opening up and sharing with you. The best way to do that is by asking her questions that start with a “Why” or “How.” This will show that you’re truly interested in getting to know her and will force her to dig a little deeper and provide you with a more developed answer.

Don’t simply ask her what her job is but rather ask her how she got into her line of work or what she is passionate in her career. You see, you want to get her sharing more about her life with you, and this is the simplest way to do it.

  1. Be an Active Listener

Following in line with the tip above, you want to show her that you care about what she’s telling you. Don’t be one of those men who loses interests when she starts sharing her life with you. When she’s talking about her career, her family, her friends, her hobbies and interests, or even her faithful dog, Elmo, don’t drift off or gaze around the room. Moreover, don’t jump in and steal the show by bringing the conversation back to you. Show her that you’re listening by nodding, smiling, agreeing, and asking follow-up questions. This is how you flawlessly keep the conversation flowing throughout the date.

So you see, keeping the conversation going on your dates isn’t as hard as you thought. The next time you feel things dying down, be sure to use these three expert tips to keep things afloat.

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