Houston Matchmaking Tips to Spring Clean Your Relationship

Young couple having fun with chores

You’re reaching high and low to get every dust bunny and cobweb around the house – and let’s not forget those suspicious crumbs from under the cushions on the couch. There’s no doubt that a good, deep spring cleaning is very therapeutic and important. But as a Houston matchmaking service with over 30 years in the Houston dating industry – the business of love – we know that spring cleaning your relationship is just as crucial.

Whether you’re in a new or seasoned relationship – or even marriage – you and your partner can benefit from a little relationship spring cleaning. It’s a great way to show how much you love and care for one another.


If you’re ready to freshen up your relationship and deepen your bond with your partner, use these simple tips from our Houston matchmaking team and experience a breath of fresh air in your relationship this spring.

  1. Declutter

The distractions, that is. Distractions quickly add up and can take a toll on your relationship. This spring make it your goal to declutter and get rid of unnecessary distractions during quality time together. From work emails, phone calls, and even internet surfing for everyday tips, do your best to pay attention to your partner instead of getting caught up in technology. Even if it means you must establish some grounds rules, go for it – you both deserve it. No phones calls during dinner, no responding to emails during movies and TV time, and iPad at bedtime.

  1. Revisit the Past

Decluttering isn’t all about making room for new stuff. Spring cleaning is all about organizing and making great use of space, so why not use your newly found quality time together to cycle back through some of the happy times you’ve shared? Reminisce over how you met and what made you fall in love each other in the first place. Don’t be afraid share your favorite memories and get nostalgic with anything you find around the house while you’re doing your actual spring cleaning.

  1. Polish the Rough Spots

Just like you clean and polish every surface in your house during your spring-cleaning routine, you can polish the rough spots in your relationship. Everyone is guilty of forgetting to do something around the house from time to time. But if you find yourself constantly nagging your guy to bring the trash out to the curb or put the toilet seat down – and to no avail – perhaps it’s time you polish your tactics. Ease up a bit and try something new.

Relationships, just like households, take time, efforts, and hard work to function and run smoothly. Use these simple and creative tips to spring clean your relationship and enjoy the rewards. As Houston matchmaking experts, we know that true love is hard to find, so it’s important you do everything in your power to nurture it.

There are so many ways you can improve your relationship and improve the overall happiness and health. Do you have any relationship tips of your own? Share your comments with us!

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