Houston Matchmaking Service | 5 Signs He’s Going to End It

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Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when a breakup is coming up your way. As a Houston matchmaking service with over 30 years of experience in the Houston dating industry, we know it can be easy to miss the signs – the emotional distance, the slow response to your text messages and calls, and the frequency of cancelled date nights that all add up over time. Ugh!

When a guy is starting to show signs that he is subtly checking out of the relationship, a girl’s first instinct is usually to ignore the warnings and, well, totally avoid the situation – not because she is blind to what’s going on, but because who wants to acknowledge that their partner is ready to leave the relationship?

Today, our Houston matchmaking service is going to show you the top warning signs he’s ready to leave you.

  1. He starts picking fights with you.

When a guy starts picking fights over small things that don’t really matter, never ignore it. Trust us, it’s always a bad sign. A guy will start picking fights when he’s ready to end the relationship but doesn’t have to guts to end it himself.

Instead, he hopes that by starting fights with you over little things, you will be the one that grows tired of it, that you will be the one who finally ends the relationship.

  1. He keeps bailing on plans.

Look, every once in a while, someone will have to cancel plans even if they want to go on a date. But if your guy starts cancelling plans all the time, it’s not a good sign for you.

Many guys will start cancelling plans in the relationship when they don’t care about their girlfriend anymore. As sad and pathetic as it sounds, it’s true. Don’t overlook it if your guy suddenly starts cancelling on you all the time.

  1. He forgets important dates.

It’s true that, at some point, every boyfriend will forget a birthday or an anniversary – it’s just the way guys work. Even the best boyfriends will forget something every now and then. If this happens once or twice, it’s not a major issue or anything to worry about. But if it starts happening all the time, then you need to worry.

This means that he no longer sees those special occasions as being an important event in his life. The anniversary no longer stands out in his mind and he has most likely lost all interest in you.

But again, you cannot use this against him if it happens once or twice.

  1. The surprises have stopped.

In happy relationship, little surprises are just a part of the whole deal. A guy should surprise his girlfriend, every once in a while, and do something that puts a smile on her face – not because it’s a special day but just because. And as his girlfriend, you should do the same.

If your boyfriend has stopped giving you gifts, that’s a huge red flag. Unless you’re going through financial or other life hardships that are turning your lives upside down, he should still think about you and want to do things to make you happy, even if it’s just bringing you a 75-cent candy bar.

It means that he doesn’t think it’s worth it to put any extra effort into the relationship. He doesn’t want to go the extra mile for you.

  1. He comments on other women in public.

Ugh, seriously! Could a guy be more blatant about losing feelings for his girlfriend? The answer is no. When a guy starts commenting on how attractive other women are, in front of his girlfriend, that’s a surefire sign that he wants out of the relationship. Not only is it rude and disrespectful, but it’s letting you know that he doesn’t find you attractive anymore. This is not acceptable.

How many of these warning signs do you see in your boyfriend’s behavior? If you see a couple, you know it’s time to sit him down and have a serious talk. You deserve so much more.

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