League City Matchmakers | Surefire Signs You Found the One

I feel like a princess near you. Happy young couple in park having fun and enjoying together at spring day.

Since most women aren’t fairy-tale princesses destined to meet their Prince Charming, they’re most likely going to have to deal with a lot of dating obstacles – kissing a lot of frogs – before they find the right one. As League City matchmakers with over three decades of experience helping love-seeking single women in Houston, we know it better than anyone.

That’s right, dating can easily become emotionally exhausting for even the strongest women out there.

We meet a guy, he seems great. But then, something starts to feel off, and we realize that he wasn’t that great in the first place. Over time, it can be really difficult to figure out if this one is Mr. Right – or if he’s just Mr. Right Now.

Our League City matchmakers here at Houston Singles Dating Service are ready to help you ladies out. Today, our dating experts will show you the surefire signs you have found the one – finally!

  1. He has the friend approval.

Your best friends will always have your back, and they are probably going to see your relationship from a different point of view than you do. When you get into a new relationship, everything seems to be perfect. Whether you realize it or not, you are seeing your relationship through rose-tinted glasses.

This new guy has to be perfect – you just know he is perfect for you.

If your friends like him and think he is a great catch for you, he is likely going to be Mr. Right. Your friends want nothing but the best for you. And if this guy gets their approval, then he has to be the one for you.

  1. He has a great sense of humor.

Life can stressful at times. A significant other with a great sense of humor who can make you laugh during difficult times can be the best gift the universe can give you.

There is nothing better than having a partner with a funny bone. You don’t want to lock yourself down with someone who doesn’t intrigue you or simple bores you. If this man has a way to make you laugh all the time, he’s probably Mr. Right.

  1. He introduces you to his family.

The family unit is often the most important part of a person’s life. In many cases, the immediate family is a group of people you trust the most and can rely on for anything. We get nervous when it comes time to bring our new partner around our family because we want them to like them as much as we do.

Now, if your guy doesn’t have plans of introducing you to his family (and he doesn’t have any valid reasons for it), he might not be taking you or the relationship seriously. He may be a fun guy to be with, but without introducing you to the people he loves the most, the relationship will never progress.

  1. He is honest with you.

There’s a reason people always say, “Honesty is key.” That’s because honesty is very important in any relationship, especially romantic ones. Finding someone you can share an open life with – in full honesty – is difficult to do. A guy who isn’t afraid to share his emotions and feelings with you is worth keeping around.

How many of these signs do you see in your guy? Do you think he’s the one? Or are you just wasting your time?

If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles locally, contact our League City matchmakers today. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Houston who are fit to date and a great match for you.

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