Houston Matchmaking Service | 5 Signs He Doesn’t Want You

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When a guy likes a girl, it’s pretty obvious. Really, it’s true. You just need to know what signs to look for when you’re around him. As a Houston matchmaking service, we know many women find themselves in the awkward situation of questioning a guy’s interest and dating intentions.

With that being said, it’s pretty obvious when a guy isn’t into a woman either. Let’s face it, no one wants to be that girl who was so delusional that she thought the guy was into her, when in reality he wasn’t.

But what if he’s attentive one day and distant the next? Is it because he actually likes the girl and is afraid of rejection. Or is it because he’s just keeping her around to boost his ego until the day he finds his dream girl?

To answer that, our Houston matchmaking service is going to show you the top signs he’s not interested in dating you.

Signs It’s Time to Hang It Up & Move On

  1. He talks about other women.

If a guy is interested in you in a romantic way, he’ll never talk about other women in front of you. He won’t even discuss the women he is seeing casually. Why? Because that can easily make you think that his heart is already invested in someone else.

So if he talks about other women in front of you, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t see you in a romantic way. Some might say that a guy will do this to make himself seem desirable and wanted by other women. In other words, he wants to make you jealous in hopes you’ll pursue him more.

  1. He doesn’t want to hang out alone.

Here’s a simple way to know whether a guy is interested in you or not. Casually tell him you are going to the movies that night. And then ask him if he wants to come with you.

If he turns you down by saying he has plans for the night, ask him what he’s up to. If he doesn’t have any solid plans, then he’s obviously not interested in you. If he gives a valid reason why he can’t go to the movies with you but makes plans for another day, it’s a sign he’s interested in you.

  1. He distances himself from you.

If a guy is into in a romantic way, he’ll be sure to get close to you. If he’s not interested in dating you, he’ll be sure to maintain his distance. And this includes avoiding handshakes and hugs or even sitting next to you when you are out with friends.

Trust us here, it’s not because he’s shy and afraid you will turn him down. That’s just your mind tricking you into reading into things that don’t exist. In reality, he knows you have a crush on him and he’s trying to be gentlemanly about it by keeping a distance. He might feel uncomfortable, but he’s doing his best to keep it cool.

  1. He tries to set you up with friends.

If a guy is interested in you in a romantic way, he would never introduce you to any of his friends. He would never want to risk losing you to another guy. So if he has done exactly that, you can bet that he’s not into you in a romantic way. This is a big sign he doesn’t want to date you. It really doesn’t get any clearer than this one.

  1. He avoids communication.

One of the best ways to tell someone is into you is to observe their communication efforts. When a guy is into you, he will do everything he can to reach and out start a conversation. Whether it’s bumping into you in public, striking up conversation when you’re out with mutual friends, or texting you, he wants to stay in contact. If a guy never reaches out – or worse, takes forever to respond or completely ignores your calls and texts – then it’s safe to say he’s not interested in you.

So what do you say? Is he into you or did you have your hopes up this whole time? If this guy’s not into you, it’s better to find out now rather than wasting any more of your precious time.

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