Mature Dating in Houston | How to get Him to Commit to You

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Commitment: whether the word sounds scary to you or puts a warm tingle in your belly, it’s an inevitable part of mature dating in Houston.

But most people are big believers in the power of commitment. Commitment can elevate a relationship from something casual to something real and meaningful.

So how can you make a guy commit to you for a serious relationship? How can you rest assured he’s yours alone and is serious about settling down with you?

Today, our Houston matchmaker are going to show you simple ways to get him to commit to you right away.

Have fun during the early stages of dating.

The first thing we need to do when it comes to getting someone to commit is just have a good time. It sounds too good to be true, but it really is that simple. Having fun with the early stages of dating and choosing to do new things together will keep a couple from getting stuck in a rut. It will also bring a lot of excitement to the relationship.

When both parties are excited about dating each other, it turns the relationship into something more serious. It’s vital to have fun during the early stages of dating; after all, if you’re not having fun in the most exciting stage of dating, what will your future look like? Yikes!

Try not to push the talk.

One of the biggest “do nots” for getting a guy to commit is to force “the talk” too soon. Don’t force the talk too soon or you could scare your potential partner away.

You know what talk we’re talking about here. The talk that so many couples rush into. A good relationship is built on momentum, and putting a stop to the fun to check in is a surefire way to kill the relationship. Instead look for subtle signs that reveal the relationship is full of steam.

Don’t be afraid to ask him about his ex.

Asking questions is the best way to get to know someone. We all know that we should be asking questions about our potential partner and learning more about each other.

One of the best ways to figure out how to get your partner to commit comes from asking him questions about his ex.

When you learn about your partner’s past relationship, and even his childhood ones, you will have some answers as to why he doesn’t want to commit now. Then you will know how to change your behavior so that the chances of him committing to you are better. If he has trust issues, you can show him that he has nothing to fear with you – that you are trustworthy and nothing like anyone who hurt him in the past.

Show interest in things that interest him.

You should always show interest in the things that interest your potential partner. The easiest way to do that? Go with him to things he likes doing. That means going to a football game or a rock concert – even if you don’t like those things.

Taking an interest in his interests and really getting into what he likes will show him that you have an open mind and will be a great partner for him. Show him that you’re willing to make compromises in the relationship and that you are compatible with one another.

Let him know you only have eyes for him.

This one is especially true if he has trust issues, as we mentioned a little bit ago. Showing him that you only have eyes for him and that you aren’t going anywhere is a great way to help him trust you. Don’t play the silly games that some women play by flirting with and talking about other men. That will only scare him and make him question your intentions in dating.

If you want to get a guy to commit, you have to show him that you’re the right woman for him. You need to let him see that you’re trustworthy, loyal, fun, and the woman who will be by his side through everything life throws his way.

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