Over 40 Dating in Houston | 5 Things Women Shouldn’t Talk About

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Over 40 dating in Houston is frustrating and confusing for many, especially women. With so many dating rules to follow, it’s hard to know what you should and shouldn’t do – what you should and shouldn’t say.

Relationships can be extremely complicated. There are some unwritten rules and puzzles that two people must solve in order to make their relationship work. And these days, with every new dating app out there, it gets even more complex. Long-term relationships are becoming rarer these days. And with that, the list of things that aren’t considered sensitive material to talk about has become shorter and shorter. When you do start dating and get into a relationship, you don’t know if your treading on thin ice.

5 Things to Avoid Talking About with Your Guy

To help you ladies out, our Houston matchmakers are going to show you the top things you should avoid talking about with your boyfriend.

  1. Bathroom Habits

Hi, there! You know that women are? Aside from being the superior gender that always smells better than guys, we’re also human beings. And human beings have to go to the bathroom every day of their lives. And sometimes, we have even more complex bathroom habits since we were born women. But do men get frustrated when we start discussing our bathroom habits? Why, yes, they absolutely do, especially if it’s an all the time discussion. Even though it’s completely normal, and every person in the world goes to the bathroom, apparently talking about it makes men run away. Leave the bathroom stories for your gal pals.

  1. Not Liking His Mother

Family can be a touchy subject to talk about, especially if your boyfriend is very close with his family. This is especially true if he’s close to his mother in particular. You could be looking at an awkward situation in front of you if you start talking about his dear mother. Because, depending on his personality, chances are he’s going to side with his mother over you, and then you’ll be left dealing with an angry and moody guy. If a guy is looking for something serious, he wants to know you will be able to not only get along with his family – especially his mother – but also love them like he does.

  1. How Great Your Ex Was

Now, this topic right here is a two-way street. When it comes to past relationships, especially major ones, it tends to be a touchy subject with both partners in the relationship. We mean, you honestly think that he wants to hear that your ex has a six-pack while your boyfriend has a beer belly – or that he will soon be a millionaire while he barely makes it from paycheck to paycheck? Um. No. No man in the world wants to hear his girlfriend talk about her ex. And do you want to hear about how his first love is now a super model for a high paying magazine? Uhm, yeah, we didn’t think so.

  1. Having a Secret Bank Account

Let’s face it, people are sneaky. And people in relationships tend to be even sneakier. We read all the time that if he’s keeping a secret bank account from you, you should run away fast. But, of course, we’re hypocrites when it comes to this topic. We feel that saving our own money, secretly, is always a good idea – you know, just for emergencies. Though it sounds good on paper, it actually isn’t a good idea and will definitely make your boyfriend mad at you. It will make him question your true feelings and intentions. It will make him think you have a backup plan, which means you’re not feeling secure in the relationship yourself.

  1. Other Guys That Check You Out

Just as your guy doesn’t want to hear about how great your ex was, he doesn’t want to hear about the guys who check you out. A lot of women – whether truthful or not – tell their guy about other men who hit on them. It’s something women do to make their partners see that other men find them desirable – that they’re to be valued. Don’t play this game with your guy. There’s no need in intentionally trying to make him jealous. It makes you look insecure and very immature. This is a quick way to push your man away.

Although times have changed, and so has the dating scene, there are a few things that remain the same. If you want to preserve your current relationship, be sure to avoid saying these things to your guy.

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